Monthly Archives: August 2020

  1. August 06, 2020

    Finding a Megalodon Tooth

    Everyone wants to find fossil shark teeth and a Megalodon tooth would be at the top of everyone’s list for fossil shark tooth hunters. Why not? It was the apex shark predator which possessed big, wide serrated teeth that can reach 7” in length. This tooth would be a true center piece item for any shark tooth collection. Unfortunately, Megalodon teeth are one of the more difficult fossil shark teeth to self-collect even in the US which produces more Megalodon teeth than the rest of world combined. So you want to find a Megalodon tooth? The first rule for finding a Megalodon tooth, is to look where sediments of Miocene and Pliocene age formation are exposed, and these sediments must be marine in origin.

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  2. August 05, 2020

    Forget Pearl Necklaces And Wear Shark Tooth Necklaces For A Change

    Who doesn’t like necklaces? There are pearl necklaces, pendant necklaces, locket necklaces, chain necklaces, and many other types of necklaces in the market. Each type around a slender neck beautifies a person’s appearance. But have you tried shark tooth necklaces? Yes, you heard that right. There are necklaces you can buy at Buried Treasure Fossils, where in place of a gem there will be a genuine fossil shark tooth!

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  3. August 05, 2020

    Understanding The Brain Size of the “Stupid” Cave Bear

    The cave bear, a species of bear native to Europe and Asia, became extinct some 24,000 years ago, but their presence can still be felt because of the cave bear fossils for sale we have today. The species has been researched thoroughly by paleontologists all over the world, and based on their findings; they seem to question the general perception of cave bears as small-brained and stupid. 

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  4. August 05, 2020

    5 Interesting Facts About Dinosaur Claws That’ll Blow Your Mind!

    There has been a lot of buzz around fossils ever since Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicolas Cage had a bidding war for a dinosaur skull in early 2019. The fossil collector clubs were more of an exclusive one until this particular event caught the attention of the public, introducing them to the amazing world of fossil collection. 

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  5. August 05, 2020

    A Guide to Taking Proper Care of Your Fossil Collection

    The first thing you worry about after bringing home shark teeth is probably how to care for it so that this prized possession of yours does not lose its beauty over the coming years. The thought of caring for something that used to be a part of a magnificent creature that prowled the ocean waters once upon the time does seem a tad intimidating, but honestly, it is not as hard as it seems. By cleaning your shark teeth fossil you get to preserve it for a long time.

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  6. August 05, 2020

    Are Trilobites Common Or Rare Fossils?

    Fossils, and trilobite fossils, in particular, are rarely found in the finest state of preservation. After all, they had been buried under the rocks for more than hundreds of millions of years, exposed to movements of earth’s crust and metamorphosis. While some unpleasant geological activities completely destroyed their fossilization, others keep them preserved for years. 

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  7. August 05, 2020

    5 Facts That Hollywood’s Got Wrong About Sharks!

    Most of our perceptions about sharks are based on how they are depicted in movies. And, there is no doubt about the fact that we are downright obsessed with predatory sharks given the overwhelming success of movies like Open Water, 47 Meters Down, and of course the American film franchise - Jaws. This can be proven by the fact that so many people have searched “where can I buy shark teeth?” after watching these movies in this day and age!

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