1. February 25, 2022

    Some Key Things About Shark Teeth Every Fossil Collector Should Know

    If you are a fossil collector or someone who is really fascinated by fossils, you must have heard about shark teeth. Shark teeth are one of the most commonly found fossils. You can find them in different shapes and sizes. Megalodon shark teeth are quite popular all around the world because of their massive size.

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  2. February 25, 2022

    T. rex General Knowledge Time! Five Questions About The Dinosaur Answered

    Name one of the most fearsome and largest carnivores that lived millions of years ago and continue to boggle our minds. It is Tyrannosaurus rex. The legendary fossil hunter Barnum Brown of the American Museum of Natural History discovered the first Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) specimen in Hell Creek Formation, Montana, and the rest is history.

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  3. February 25, 2022

    5 Most Popular And Important Fossil Discoveries Of All Time

    It is through the fossils of our ancestors and other prehistoric creatures that the scientific community has been able to reconstruct the history of this planet and the origins of those that inhabit it. With every new fossil discovery, however, the story continues to change and evolve.

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  4. February 25, 2022

    Some Fin-tastic Facts About the Snaggle Tooth Shark

    From deep-sea divers to marine biologists, if you ask either one of them about the coolest thing they have ever spotted, they will say it was some kind of shark. And it makes sense too! Sharks are thrilling and powerful creatures with loads of mystery around them. And one of them is the Snaggletooth shark.
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  5. February 25, 2022

    Facts About the Woolly Mammoth That Will Blow Your Mind

    Remember Manny from the Ice Age movie series? The aloof, grumpy, and standoffish character, who is otherwise loving and courageous, is in fact, a Woolly Mammoth. The species were ancestors of the modern elephant that evolved from the genus Mammuthus and first appeared 5.1 million years ago in Africa.

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  6. February 25, 2022

    The Green River Fossil Formations: Types of Fish Fossils Found

    The Green River Formation rocks tell a story of what the environment was like millions of years ago in Fossil Lake, Lake Uinta, and Lake Gosiute, which are now parts of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. During those times, Earth forces were almost done with uplifting Rocky Mountains, and the landscape had rugged mountains divided by vast intermountain basins.

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  7. January 11, 2022

    Purchasing Fossils Online? Here’s What You Should Know

    The modern commercial fossil industry is huge. While most people still think that a fossil collection is only meant for paleontologists and science geeks, the truth is, it can be enjoyed by anyone.

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  8. January 11, 2022

    Key Factors That Determine Megalodon Teeth Pricing

    It does not matter whether you are an experienced fossil collector or someone who has just started collecting fossils, when it comes to purchasing Megalodon teeth, you need to know certain key things in order to make the right purchase.

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  9. January 11, 2022

    4 Most Popular Herbivore Dinosaur

    When you hear the word “dinosaur,” what is the first image that pops into your head? Probably that of a ferocious T-rex or maybe one of those other beasts from the Jurassic Park movies.

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  10. January 11, 2022

    A Guide to Collecting Fossils as a Hobby for Beginners

    Are you intrigued by the entire idea of collecting fossils, but think that these relics of prominent value can only be found in the museum or a paleontologist’s lab, you are terribly mistaken!

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