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  1. August 05, 2020

    Forget Pearl Necklaces And Wear Shark Tooth Necklaces For A Change

    Who doesn’t like necklaces? There are pearl necklaces, pendant necklaces, locket necklaces, chain necklaces, and many other types of necklaces in the market. Each type around a slender neck beautifies a person’s appearance. But have you tried shark tooth necklaces? Yes, you heard that right. There are necklaces you can buy at Buried Treasure Fossils, where in place of a gem there will be a genuine fossil shark tooth!

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  2. August 05, 2020

    Understanding The Brain Size of the “Stupid” Cave Bear

    The cave bear, a species of bear native to Europe and Asia, became extinct some 24,000 years ago, but their presence can still be felt because of the cave bear fossils for sale we have today. The species has been researched thoroughly by paleontologists all over the world, and based on their findings; they seem to question the general perception of cave bears as small-brained and stupid. 

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  3. June 30, 2020

    Things That You Might Not Have Known About The Strange Looking Pine Cone

    Pine cones are things that you probably have seen or held in hand. It looks amazing and there is something unique about its appearance. But what exactly are pine cones? What purpose do they serve? You’ll be surprised to know that these strange looking parts of trees have been associated with all sorts of things such as immortality, the third eye, and even enlightenment.

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  4. June 30, 2020

    Nine Fascinating Facts About Ammonite Fossils

    But that’s not all. Ammonite fossils have amazed many with their unique qualities. In addition to being time markers for geologists and other experts, they also serve as great showpieces for homes, given their attractive shape and fascinating history. 

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  5. April 03, 2020

    Knightia Facts and Figures You Should Know About

    Most dinosaur fossils, or many prehistoric shark fossils for that matter, may be way out of reach of some people. But fossils from prehistoric fish called Knightia are quite reasonably priced. These 50 thousand year old fish are discovered in Wyoming as one of the Green River Formation fossils

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  6. April 03, 2020

    3 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Fossils

    Fossils offer us a glimpse into a fascinating past. The remains of historic and pre-historic living organisms have captivated scientists for their ability to tell the story of times that existed a long time ago. But today, fossils have also become a collector’s delight

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  7. April 03, 2020

    Carcharocles Megalodon: The Largest Known Shark to Prowl Ocean Waters

    The Megalodon also called ‘Carcharocles Megalodon’ was the largest known shark to ever rule the ocean waters. The scientific name ‘Carcharocles Megalodon’ stands for ‘giant tooth’ and there is a good reason for that! Not only is the Megalodon the largest fish on record, but it is also popular for its massive teeth

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  8. March 19, 2020

    Facts AboutVelociraptor You May Not Be Aware Of

    Some millions of years ago, different species of dinosaurs roamed around the earth that is today home to homo sapiens and thousands of other creatures. Dinosaurs may have been wiped off of the earth’s surface, but we still know a lot about these wondrous creatures, all thanks to fossils and science! If you have watched ‘Jurassic Park’ you must know about the Velociraptor dinosaur or

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  9. March 18, 2020

    Top 3 Gift Ideas for Fossil Hunters

    Choosing the right gift items for a fossil hunter or a future or practicing paleontologist can be no simple feat. Since they like to discover and collect fossils for research, hobby, or profit, you may probably think of gifting a fossil to make them feel special. While a fossil is a good idea, it should be authentic and rare like a Megalodontooth. If you can lay your hands on such pieces, things would work wonder for you; however, if not, here are the top three gifts you can gift to a fossil hunter:

    Funny Paleontologist Apparel
    Today, many apparel stores provide customized printed t-shirts designed specifically for fossil collectors or paleontologists. They generally have a wide selection of apparel with funny and witty

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  10. March 17, 2020

    Quick Points to Identify Fake Trilobite Fossils

    While trilobite preparatorsand seasoned collectors can skillfully observe and identify fake trilobites, displayed in numerous fossil shows, new trilobite enthusiasts and collectors, who are unfamiliar with how fossils are fabricated, often fail to recognize faked specimens. This lack of knowledge and experience is tremendously increasing the market of fake fossils traders.

    But if you don’t want to fall for such fake, take note of mentioned clues below that help you identify fake trilobite in no

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