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  1. May 13, 2021

    Dinosaurs Were Not Just Land Dwellers; They Could Swim As Well!

    For a long time, paleontologists believed that dinosaurs were just land dwellers. They were of this view because they had not discovered fossil remains which would have made them think otherwise. But now, it is becoming sure that swimming dinosaurs possibly existed as well. Paleontologists have been trying to form a model of Spinosaurus for more than a decade. Most of them agreed that this dinosaur had different anatomy than land-dwelling dinosaurs, but they were not sure whether Spinosaurus was capable of swimming or not. But when fossil bones from Spinosaurus’ tail were discovered in south-east Morocco, paleontologists had to rethink about this massive meat-eater dinosaur’s capabilities.

    Before we delve into the details of the fossil discovered, let’s first talk about Spinosaurus’description. The first fossil of this dinosaur was found in Egypt around 1910. We all hear so much about Tyrannosaurus Rex being the biggest dinosaur ever. This is not true as Spinosaurus was bigger and perhaps the largest meat-eating dinosaur ever on planet Earth. These dinosaurs lived around 100 years ago in the Cretaceous period in North Africa.

    Spinosaurus has been a tricky dinosaur to understand. Its built was quite different from other dinosaurs, for example, its distinctive spines that grew to 5 feet long, its 49 feet length, and of course, its staggering weight of 7 to 20 tons. All these features and the destruction of crucial fossils during World War 2 made it difficult for paleontologists to reconstruct Spinosaurus confidently.

    After discovering fossil bones from its tail, paleontologists have found that Spinosaurus’ tail was quite flexible and had a propulsive structure. The tail’s surface area was pretty large too due to a series of tall neural spines. These distinct features of Spinosaurus’ tail show that they engaged in tail-propelled locomotion, something that no other dinosaur was capable of doing.

    Scientists became certain that Spinosaurus t

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  2. May 06, 2021

    Angustidens: 4 Facts You Should Know About The Species

    Carcharocles augustidens is a species from the Carcharoles (or Otodus) genus of the megatoothed sharks. Modern-day researchers believe that this species should not be placed with Great White shark genus. The specimen believed to belong to the extinct white shark is one of the most complete of its kind in the world. Compared to any living white shark, Carcharocles augustidens were much larger and heavier. The fossils that have been discovered included more than 150 teeth and multiple vertebrae. If you’re looking for Angustidens shark tooth for sale, here are four facts that you should know about the species before buying the shark tooth.

    Fact 1

    The large-sized Angustidens mean that the species must have been powerful predators that could only be rivaled by gigantic sharks and large raptorial sperm whales like the Brygmophyster. A wholly grown adult Augustiden probably fed on small to medium-sized cetaceans like small whales and dolphins. Juvenile Angustidens may have hunted fish and smaller marine animals since it may have been easier for them.

    Fact 2

    Finding a cluster of fossil teeth from any shark is a rare instant. You can purchase Angustidens shark tooth for sale from Buried Treasure Fossils obtained from Chandler Bridge Formation land site near Summerville, South Carolina, or other coastal locations. These fossils are from the Oligocene (28 million years ago). Carcharocles augustidens like all sharks have a tooth growing factory so that they could replace tooth loss during feeding. This tooth loss helps explain why shark teeth can be found in relative abundance in certain locations.

    Fact 3

    The vertebrae and teeth dimensions from one Angustidens were found to suggest that the animal was perhaps 8 tonnes in mass and 9m in length. On the other hand, Great White sharks are were about 1.2 t

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