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  1. March 19, 2020

    Facts AboutVelociraptor You May Not Be Aware Of

    Some millions of years ago, different species of dinosaurs roamed around the earth that is today home to homo sapiens and thousands of other creatures. Dinosaurs may have been wiped off of the earth’s surface, but we still know a lot about these wondrous creatures, all thanks to fossils and science! If you have watched ‘Jurassic Park’ you must know about the Velociraptor dinosaur or raptor as it is the first dinosaur seen in the movie! These creatures lived and breathed during the end of the Cretaceous Period about 75 to 70 million years ago.

    Velociraptor is among the most bird-like creatures ever discovered when it comes to dinosaurs. It was surprisingly small but very fast and vicious. The creature had a sickle-shaped claw on one toe on both feet which played a significant role in making the Velociraptor dinosaur a formidable predator! It also had a special bone in the wrist area allowing it to swivel the wrists sideways in what may be called a flapping motion. It was also capable of folding its arms against the body like a bird.

    Here are some must-know facts about Velociraptor: 

    1. The dinosaur was no bigger than a big chicken in size! So, for a creature that is mostly mentioned along with T-Rex,

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  2. March 18, 2020

    Top 3 Gift Ideas for Fossil Hunters

    Choosing the right gift items for a fossil hunter or a future or practicing paleontologist can be no simple feat. Since they like to discover and collect fossils for research, hobby, or profit, you may probably think of gifting a fossil to make them feel special. While a fossil is a good idea, it should be authentic and rare like a Megalodontooth. If you can lay your hands on such pieces, things would work wonder for you; however, if not, here are the top three gifts you can gift to a fossil hunter:

    Funny Paleontologist Apparel
    Today, many apparel stores provide customized printed t-shirts designed specifically for fossil collectors or paleontologists. They generally have a wide selection of apparel with funny and witty quotes dedicated to fossil hunters. But if you don’t find the t-shirt you are looking for, you also have the option of customizing your t-shirt by placing a special order. However, you may have to spend some time finding a reliable and trusted store, which is why many people go for quality fossils such as a Megalodontooth.

    Beer Mug/glass
    For a fossil hunter who also likes to drink and try different types of wines, you have the option of beer mug/wine glasses imprinted with funny paleontologist quotes to make their drinks more interesting to them. You can easily buy them from online stores that offer gifts for fossil hunters at reasonable prices.

    Fossil Chocolate

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  3. March 17, 2020

    Quick Points to Identify Fake Trilobite Fossils

    While trilobite preparatorsand seasoned collectors can skillfully observe and identify fake trilobites, displayed in numerous fossil shows, new trilobite enthusiasts and collectors, who are unfamiliar with how fossils are fabricated, often fail to recognize faked specimens. This lack of knowledge and experience is tremendously increasing the market of fake fossils traders.

    But if you don’t want to fall for such fake, take note of mentioned clues below that help you identify fake trilobite in no time. 

    Air bubbles are signs on resins

    The presence of tiny holes, not bigger than a half-millimeter in diameter in exoskeleton or matrix, should ring the bells. The curing of casting resin creates the formation of bubbles that often create small holes when they burst. 

    Differences in matrix color

    The difference in matrix color indicates a fake cast and those two different specimens have been fixed together. Closely observe the matrix and look for fine lines that separate two colors. For instance, if you notice the matrix

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  4. March 02, 2020

    The Best of Chile – Fossil Shark Teeth

    The late Miocene / early Pliocene fossils of the Caldera region of Chile are very special. The preservation of these fossils is incredible with great color and size. Many folks remember the big, top quality Megalodon teeth the emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and then the Great White shark and the rare Great White transition teeth which were finally named as a species in 2012 (C. hubbelli). But there are many other rare, well preserved shark species that were found in the Chilean Bahia Iglesa Fm. deposits. Many Chilean fossil shark teeth represent the best available specimens for their species, and many these species are still available today in small numbers sourced from old hoards or collections. Unfortunately, the export of all Chilean fossils stopped in 2006 and nearly all of the Bahia Iglesa Fm. collecting area is now a national preserve that can only be accessed by universities or museums. Below are my top 10 Chilean fossil shark teeth for every rare fossil shark tooth collection.

    1. Megalodon - big teeth, well preserved with good color

    2. Great White - exceptional preservation, great color and sizes exceeding 3”!There is no continent where you will not find trilobite fossils. The species varied from each other in many factors, including size and skeletal structure. The biggest one measured almost 28 inches in length while the smallest was less than a millimeter. Some had smooth, convex shells while some had defensive spines.

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