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***  Posted - 9 Belgium Cow shark teeth , 14 Edestus shark teeth, 16 Ankylosaur & Nodosaur teeth & scutes , an Ice Age wolf jaw with stand, 20 So. Carolina Angustidens teeth, Allosaurus pes claw and 6 teeth, Diplodocus tooth, Spinosaurus vertebra, Iguanodon vertebra, four rare Cave Hyena jaws, three top quality 6"+ Indonesian Meg teeth, a GEM Quality  Peruvian Meg tooth, a alrge cave bear foot,  a monster sized 6-5/8" SC Megalodon tooth, 15 Moroccan ammonites, 3 Mastodon / mammoth teeth from Texas, 6 large Otodus vertebrae, 6 Gound sloth claw / teeth, 4 US Pleistocene bear jaw / teeth, 6 US Pleistocene Tapir teeth, an ultra rare Sharktooth Hill Megalodon and two Parotodus teeth, 10 Triceratops teeth, 8 Carcharodontosaurus teeth, 5 Spinosaurus teeth, 18 Bone Valley Fm. Megalodon teeth including 12 "My First Meg" teeth, 4  NC Atlantic Ocean Megs, 14 Otodus obliquus teeth, 4 fossil shrimp, 4 Woolly Mammoth hair specimens, 11 Exotic Megalodon teeth, 7 Mosasaur vertebrae, 15 coprolites, Dinosaur Egg Shells (12 Argentine Titanosaur, 24 French Titanosaur - 2 species plus 5 Pyroraptor), 12 Gastornis egg shells, 10 Campanian US Tyrannosaur teeth, 8 Onchopristis rostal teeth, 6 Moroccan trilibites, 4 Green River Fm. fish, 5 Starfish, 10 German ammonites, 5 Orthoceras specimens, 13 T. rex teeth.  ***

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            Welcome to our website. See our January 2023 Fossil of the Month offerings -  Posted  a massive Edestus partial whorl, a perfect Belgium Notorynchus  symphyseal tooth, an excellent Ankylosaurus tooth and osteoderm, a ~4" Angustidens tooth, an Ice Age wolf jaw with stand, Allosaurus foot claw, Allosaurus tooth, Spinosaurus vertebra, three EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality  Indonesian Megalodon teeth and a GEM QUALITY Peruvian Meg tooth.

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