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**  Posted -   No. Carolina red site - 6 Megalodon & 1 Great White shark teeth, 13 horse fossils, 26 new mammal / reptile fossils, two XL Great White shark teeth, a top quality Triceratops brow horn,  special group of 8 Georgia Megalogon teeth, 8 T. rex teeth, 13 rare Russian & Ukrainian Cow shark teeth, 20 Edmontosaurus teeth, Florida Bone Valley Fm. Megalodon & Mako teeth posted, a Ornithomimid hand claw, an Iguanodon vertebra, 20 Hell Creek & Judith River Fm. raptor teeth, an ultre rare 6-1/4" Lee Creek Megaodon tooth, 10 Brittle Star / Starfish specimens, three Mastodon teeth, 18 Chilean Hexanchus teeth, a group of 6 unique "Other" fossils, 23 Brachiopods, a 6-1/2" Top Quality SC Megalodon tooth, a group of  whale, dolphin, manatee & marlin bones plus a shrimp borrow, three Mammoth & Gomphotherium teeth, 9 Jurassic dinosaur teeth and bones, 15 modern shark teeth  (8 species including GW), a Hadrosaur egg, a Jurassic bone specimen, an XL belemnite, a large Brittlle Stars with trilobite plate, 4 Green River Fm. fish, 9 ammonites, 4 fern fossil / Lepidodendron specimens, modern Tiger & Bull shark teeth, 2  Mammoth teeth, 27 colorful Sharktooth Hill I. planus teeth, 18 Moroccan dinoaur teeth (Pterosaur, Titanosaur, Abelisaur), 10 Cave Bear teeth/jaw, 8 trilobites (US/Moroccan/Russian), Brittle Stars, Orthoceras slab & more, 18 Moroccan Otodus teeth, 12 Green River Fm fish, The Shell Collection with 16 display pices, 12 Albertavenator (Troodon) teeth, 19 "My First" Megalodon teeth, The Crinoid Collection with 9 items, The Ammonite Collection with 11 items, 35 Mosasaur teeth (6 species), Plesiosaur, Crocodile & Onchopristis teeth, The Petrified Wood Collection with 23 display pieces, new Spinosaurus & Carcharodontosaurus teeth, The Fossil Coral Collection - 18 display items posted.

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            Welcome to our website. See our April to January 2024  Fossil of the Month offerings -  Posted two exceptional NC red site Megalodon & a Great White shark tooth, an excellent Dire Wolf canine and a Glyptodon scute, two XL Great White shark teeth, an incredible Triceratops brow horn, four very special Georgia Meg teeth including a 6-5/16" tooth., a GEM Quality 2-1/4" T. rex tooth, two rare Russian Cow shark teeth, an exceptional Ornithomimd hand claw, an ultra rare 6-1/4" Lee Creek Megalodon tooth, a large multiple specimen Brittle Star plate, two extraordinary Mastodon teeth, two special Chilean Hexanchus teeth, a large Vermicularia gastropod cluster , a large Archimedes bryozoan, one of my finest 6-1/2" So. Carolina Megalodon teeth, a Columbian Mammoth jaw, a exceptional  Gomphotherium tooth, an XL Allosaurus tooth, rooted Diplodocus and Camarasaurus teeth.

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