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***  Posting 55 US Paleozoic shark teeth, 12 Georgia Megalodon teeth, 6 Allosaurus bones / claws, 12 Allosaurus teeth, 16 T. rex teeth, 2 Caribbean Megs, 30 Kazakhstan Notorynchus teeth, a Chilean Meg, 32 Great White teeth and 4 large Ray mouth plates, 14 So. Carolina Megaodon teeth, The Best of Togo (117 rare shark teeth - 7 species), 12 Cave Bear fossils, an Ice Age Gray wolf skull, Peruvian teeth (4 Megs & 9 Hexanchus), 23 Thescelosaurus fossils (claws, toe bones, vertebra, chevron & ilium),14 Giant Ground Sloth claws and teeth, NC red site teeth (6 Megs, 3 Great White & 7 Mako), 26 pine come sand fruit, Anzu oviraptor claws, Spinosaurus claw and teeth, Carcharodontosaurus teeth, GEM Mastodon tooth, Egyptian Auriculatus, Saudi Arabian Otodus, The BEST of Jordan (61 Cretaceous shark & marine repile teeth), The BEST of Sharktooth Hill (125+ Miocene shark, ray, whale, seal lion, bird, matrix displays, etc.), Starfish, Woolly Mammoth tooth, Sharktooth Hill color collection - 58 Hastalis and Planus teeth, 47 Modern shark teeth (GW, Mako, Tiger, Bull & Hammerhead), 6 Lee Creek Chubutensis, new Moroccan Kem Kem dinosaur teeth (Spinosaurus, Deltadromeus, Abelisaurid, Titanosaur, Pterosaur, and crocodile),  ***

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Welcome to our website. See our May 2022 Fossil of the Month offerings -  Posted 3 ultra rare Paleozoic shark teeth, rare Allosaurus fossils (2 toe claws, a toe bone, a femur & 3 teeth), 2-1/8" Camarasaurus tooth, and a 4-3/4" T. rex tooth.

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Agassizodus sp.
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