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***  Posted new Wooly Mammoth tooth, Sharktooth Hill color collection - Hastalis and Planus teeth, Modern shark teeth (GW, Mako, Tiger, Bull & Hammerhead), 6 Lee Creek Chubutensis, new Moroccan Kem Kem dinosaur teeth (Spinosaurus, Deltadromeus, Abelisaurid, Titanosaur, Pterosaur, and crocodile), 9 Tyrannosaur teeth (Judith River Fm), 15 Suwanee / Florida Auriculatus teeth, 14 Ankylosaur / Nodosaur teeth and ostederms, 5 Saurornitholestes teeth (Raptor - Judith River Fm.), 18 Goniatites, 14 Struthiomimus bones /claws. ***

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Welcome to our website. See our January 2022   Fossil of the Month   offerings -  A complete 8" Woolly Mammoth tooth w/ stand, a 2-7/8" Sharktooth Hill Hastalis tooth and  2-1/16" Planus tooth, and a French Titanosaur egg.

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Carcharodon (Isurus) hastalis
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Carcharodon (Isurus) hastalis
"The Color Collection - North of the River"  A LARGE, TOP…

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