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***  Posted a world class Spinosaurus hand claw, 14 Anzu (oviraptor) claws & bones, 5 BIG So. Carolina Meg teeth & an associated set of SC Ray plates, 3 No. Carolina red site Megs & 10 Chubutensis, 33 new Hell Creek & Judith River Fm. small theropod teeth (raptor & other - 5 species)  Peruvian teeth (3 Megs, 1 Chubutensis, 1 whale & 30 Great White teeth), 52 German shark teeth including 12 rare Cow shark teeth, 3 rare Caribbean Megalodon teeth, 5 Spanish shark teeth, 12 Belgium Cow shark teeth, 75 modern shark teeth (17 species including 4 GW & 12 new species), 19 So. Carolina Mako & 14 Great White shark teeth, 8 So. Carolina Megalodon teeth, 10 Thescelosaurus teeth, 17 Edmontosaurus bones & claws, 22 Paleocarcharodon teeth, 12 Harleyville SC Auriculatus teeth, four T. rex teeth, 21 Triceratops bones, 18 Triceratops teeth, 15 rare Hexanchus collinsonae teeth, 14 Top Quality Indonesia Megalodon teeth, 16 Spinosaurus teeth, 34 Maryland  & Virginia Cow shark teeth, 16 Nanotyrannus teeth, 11 Bone Valley Fm. Megalodon & Chubutensis teeth, an Extra Large Triceratops horn and a Allosaurus tibia with custom stands, 55 US Paleozoic shark teeth ***

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Welcome to our website. See our September 2022 Fossil of the Month offerings -  Posted a world class Spinosaurus hand claw, a large Anzu (oviraptor) claw, two 6-1/4"+ SC Megalodon teeth, two NC red site Meg teeth, a special Dromaeosaurus, Acheroraptor, Saurornitholestes & Paronychodon tooth, 2 Peruvian Megs, a Chubutensis & a 2-3/4" Great White tooth, a rare 6-1/8" Caribbean Meg tooth, and two ultra rare german Cow shark teeth.

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