Biggest Megalodon tooth

If you are purely obsessed with discovering new places to find Megalodon teeth, you are not alone. We have heard stories from people who get reminded of Megalodon teeth (and that they dedicate less time to find these exotic items) whenever they visit a dentist’s office.

Since the number of fossil enthusiasts is gradually increasing, there is stiff competition in finding these prized items. It means if you do not dedicate sufficient time and energy to find these items, someone out there will beat you in this game.

To give you an upper hand, here is a list of four prominent US locations where you can find some of the biggest Megalodon teeth.

South Carolina Blackwater Rivers

You must dive to hunt for the Megalodon teeth in this part of the country. Visit Copper Head, which is located in South Carolina. You will find a cottage industry where divers will be waiting to help you with your adventurous endeavor. Wear suitable gear for the journey and it is not recommended for claustrophobes; be aware of that before signing up for the trip. This trip also involves blackwater diving, and it is a serious sport. You might be required to show your dive certifications before you are allowed to board.

Maryland’s Calvert Cliffs State Park

Being a renowned fossil-lovers paradise in the country, the Geological Survey of the State of Maryland is the perfect place to quench your thirst for fossils, especially the biggest Megalodon teeth fossils. Build up your energy consuming the popular Maryland crab for a proper shoreline search. Here, you will be mostly restricted to public areas such as Brownies Beach and Calvert Cliffs State Park. Look for the prized items once the storm has passed and at low tide to increase your chances of success.

Aurora, North Carolina

Located south of the Pamlico River, Aurora was once famed as the Mecca for fossil enthusiasts. It was until the phosphate mines were declared off limits to the biggest Megalodon tooth collectors. North Carolina has been a treasure trove for fossil collectors for many decades. Pungo River and Yorktown Formations have been a rich source of fossil teeth and skeletal finds. Visit the Aurora Fossil Museum and dig through the sediment waste dumped on the museum site; Megalodon teeth are regularly found here.

Peace River, Florida

Tours are carried out frequently along the Peace River to help fossil enthusiasts find the perfect items to add to their collection. Unlike South Carolina blackwater, you don’t need to dive into murky water to look for fossils. The entire Peace River shoreline can fulfill your objective. Get recommendations from locals for the perfect treasure ‘spots’ by donning a bathing suit and other suitable gear. This place will not disappoint you as you will certainly find something to extend your collection. The more you scour the shallow water, the more rewards you will carry home.

Bottom Line

The list of places mentioned in this post is not exhaustive, there are many more places to find authentic fossils. However, for a beginner, these places should suffice.

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