Are Trilobites Common Or Rare Fossils?

Fossils, and trilobite fossils, in particular, are rarely found in the finest state of preservation. After all, they had been buried under the rocks for more than hundreds of millions of years, exposed to movements of earth’s crust and metamorphosis. While some unpleasant geological activities completely destroyed their fossilization, others keep them preserved for years. 

While looking for trilobite fossils, most people find amazing photographs of well-preserved specimens on multiple websites. It makes them believe that finest-complete preservation is possible, and finely preserved fossil trilobites are available easily. But before you fall into their trap of making money, know that a fossil goes through plenty of preparation methods. Always keep in mind - finding a good completely preserved trilobite is extremely rare. 

When you want to know whether the fossil is natural and authentic, pay attention to how it was found. Some trilobite fossils are found when their cross-section is exposed. These trilobites are prepared out of the rock after the two rock halves are glued back together. So, when you see a crack running through the matrix or fossil, it means the specimen is genuine. Collectors must learn to identify fake fossil specimens and how to distinguish them from restored, authentic trilobites. 

A trilobite fossil preserved with details is quite rare to find in the commercial space. That’s because the amount of time and work involved in preparation always increases the cost of the fossil. So, whenever you come across a fossil collection at an unexpected low price range, be sure to look at the specimen. Chances are, such fossils have been prepared artificially in the lab and given the appearance of a real trilobite fossil.

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