Forget Pearl Necklaces And Wear Shark Tooth Necklaces For A Change

Who doesn’t like necklaces? There are pearl necklaces, pendant necklaces, locket necklaces, chain necklaces, and many other types of necklaces in the market. Each type around a slender neck beautifies a person’s appearance. But have you tried shark tooth necklaces? Yes, you heard that right. There are necklaces you can buy at Buried Treasure Fossils, where in place of a gem there will be a genuine fossil shark tooth!

In this blog, we’ll tell you some interesting facts about shark teeth and necklaces made from them. Let’s get started!

      • You may think that a shark tooth is a rarity, but the truth is that sharks have lived under our Earth’s waters for as much as 400 million years. And since the majority of their body is composed of cartilage, what we find as fossils are their teeth because cartilage does not fossilize. Their teeth are found in great numbers and that is the reason ornaments or jewelry have been created with them. Sharks are not harmed in any way to create these necklaces!

      • Back in the old days on the Hawaiian land, Leiomano was a tool, a sort of shark-toothed club, that native Hawaiians made use of to fight animals and foes. This is how shark teeth were used before the idea of creating ornaments with them got birth.

      • As per Hawaiian tradition, shark teeth are associated with symbols that help protect people against unforeseen dangers in the sea. There are even stories of a man who came out victorious after fighting a sea god and when he emerged out of the sea, he wore a shark tooth necklace.

      • It was around 1960s when these necklaces first started becoming a bit popular and it was Steven Spielberg’s Jaws in the 1970s that actually made them super popular among the masses.

      • You must have seen surfers wearing some sort of necklace. Mostly those are shark tooth necklaces, and the reason why they wear them should not surprise you. They believe sharks don’t attack you when you have shark tooth necklace around your neck. Looks like the belief we talked about in a prior point is still believed by many to this day.

Apart from their old history, these necklaces are famous for their appearance too. They look different and catch people’s attention almost immediately. If you want one, you can get it from us at Buried Treasure Fossils. The fossil tooth is a hundred percent genuine in all our necklaces. Get them before they get sold out!