It does not matter whether you are an experienced fossil collector or someone who has just started collecting fossils, when it comes to purchasing Megalodon teeth, you need to know certain key things in order to make the right purchase. For instance, you must clearly know why you’re purchasing shark teeth. Are you buying it for your personal collection, or are you getting it for someone else, as in a gift? Asking these questions is essential because a fossil collector would want to buy a high-quality Megalodon tooth whereas a kid would be happy to receive any real shark tooth.

Regardless of whether you’re considering buying a Megalodon tooth for yourself or someone else, there’s no doubt about its significance. These had the biggest shark teeth in the world. They are truly a piece of ancient natural history that deserve to be bought and kept as a treasure. In this blog, we will tell you how Megalodon teeth are priced. Several factors are considered in order to determine their price. What are those factors? Let’s find out.


We should know how Megalodon teeth are measured. They are measured diagonally from the root’s corner to the tooth’s tip (referred as the slant height). Generally, you will find that prices relate to the size of the Megalodon. The bigger it is, the higher its price will be.

The reason why bigger teeth are sold for a higher price is, you rarely get to discover them. You can easily find teeth of two inches but finding 5 inches is quite rare. There are Megalodon teeth of 7 inches as well, but they are extremely rare and cost a lot of money


Many people do not know that location from where a Megalodon tooth is discovered plays a key role in determining its price. For instance, if a location is considered not suitable or difficult for finding shark teeth, the cost of shark tooth discovered in that location will be quite high. Most of the Megalodon teeth are found in rivers and oceans of the Carolinas. However, you can find teeth in other places as well. If discovered in rare or uncommon areas, teeth will be sold for higher prices.


Needless to say, the condition of the tooth also plays a very significant part in influencing its price. Generally, most shark teeth have some sort of flaws. But, there are some teeth that have no or few flaws, which are quite rare and sold for a very high price. Fossil collectors are willing to pay any price for such teeth.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, some other factors that influence Megalodon teeth pricing include serrations, bourrelet, enamel, polishing, root, etc. If interested, you can buy top-quality Megalodon teeth from Buried Treasure Fossils. We have teeth from many different locations and of different sizes. The incredible West Java Megalodon teeth are some of the new additions to our selection. You must get them before they get sold out!