T-rex: One of the Largest Dinosaurs That Ever Lived

We all know about T-rex (Tyrannosaurus rex), one of the largest dinosaurs ever lived on this planet. It is highly popular due to its size, strength and nature. It was the biggest and probably a fierce carnivore that was about 40 feet long. It had large bone crunching teeth and a massive body balanced by a long & heavy tail. The shape of its teeth was like the size of bananas. When it comes to head and jaws, they were proportionately big and strong. We think, size alone is not the whole story behind its popularity. Their feeding strategies, behavior and bite force made them the most terrifying predator of that time. These dinosaurs went extinct, million years ago and today, we have only their fossilized teeth collected from different parts of the world. We have dinosaur teeth for sale. If you want to buy them, explore our Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex) catalog.


Body formation:

This species of dinosaur had large heads, jaws, and powerful hind limbs along with a bipedal gate. They had short arms along with two clawed fingers and a long thick tail. T-rex had
 excellent vision and a great sense of smell.


There is no direct evidence that, T-rex had feathers, many scientists now consider that it had feathers on at least during some stage of its life.


According to some experts, T-rex was too big, thus couldn’t run down for hunting. The idea shows that it was a scavenger, eating dead animals. Another group of experts says that, it was faster, a hunter and a scavenger. Still, some others say, it was hunting cooperatively. The mature adults use to wait until the young dinosaurs would chase prey towards the waiting adults.

However, the abundance of fossil material has allowed the scientists for doing in-depth research into many aspects of its biology.