North Carolina Megalodon Tooth

If you are a fossil collector or someone who is really fascinated by fossils, you must have heard about shark teeth. Shark teeth are one of the most commonly found fossils. You can find them in different shapes and sizes. Megalodon shark teeth are quite popular all around the world because of their massive size. In this blog, we will tell you some key things about shark teeth. A lot of people have some questions pertaining to shark teeth. We’ve addressed those questions below.

Black Shark Teeth

You must have seen or heard about black shark teeth. What are those teeth? You will be surprised to know that black shark teeth are one of the most wanted teeth online. The reason why those teeth are black in color is, they absorbed minerals during their fossilization period. Fossilization is necessary for shark teeth to exist. Otherwise, they will disintegrate over time. However, being buried allows them to survive because it keeps them protected from decomposition by oxygen and bacteria. So, when buried in sediments, shark teeth absorb minerals around them and develop into rock with a black color as a result. Keep in mind that shark teeth can also develop a gray or tan color. It is believed that shark teeth from many million years ago are black in color.

How Shark Teeth Come Off

We all know that sharks lose teeth at quite a fast rate; however, we do not really know how or why they lose them. First of all, you should know that how many teeth a shark loses and how often it loses them depends purely on the individual shark. Unlike a solid root in human teeth, shark’s teeth are joined to the gums by soft tissue. This tissue is rather soft, which makes sharks lose their teeth very easily and frequently. And the teeth usually fall out when they hunt aggressively or chip on a rock using their teeth. But sharks do not have to worry about their falling teeth because as soon as the worn or broken teeth fall out, new, sharper teeth take their place rather quickly.

Where Shark Teeth Are Discovered

Anyone who loves collecting shark teeth would want to know where these teeth are found. So far, places such as Florida, So, Carolina, Georgia, California, and North Carolina are considered the best places to search for shark teeth. Usually, shark teeth are discovered in or near river bed banks, sand pits, and beaches. Megalodon teeth are among the most difficult to discover shark teeth. But the good news is, you can get Megalodon teeth and other shark teeth easily online from reputable fossil sellers.

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