The Megalodon was a massive and huge shark species that would put modern day sea predators to shame. This genus of underwater predator was not one to mess with, but they are now extinct. They deserve to be respected. Megalodon lived globally, especially in the warm oceans and became extinct at the end of the Pliocene. People and researchers have been finding fossil shark teeth throughout history. During the middle age, the Europeans thought the fossilized teeth were "tongue stones" of dragons and snakes. They were using those Megalodon shark teeth as pendants. They were also used in medicines. Some Native Americans used them as necklaces, even tools like scrapers.

According to estimates, the body size of a Megalodon was around 60 feet and the average size was 33 feet. Their tooth size was over 7 inches and more common size is between 3 and 5 inches.


Teeth collected from South Carolina:

From millions of years ago, Megalodon ruled the warm waters of the oceans. Today, they are extinct, but we have their fossils as buried treasures. We have added a high quality and commercial grade Meg catalog to our website that featured some of the top quality teeth collected from South Carolina. These Megalodon teeth specimens are available at a reduced price. Each one of our tooth come with an identification card.

Let’s have a look at their size.

SC103- Size: 5"

SC104- Size: 5"

SC105- Size: 5-1/8"

SC136- Size: 5-7/8"

SC102- Size: 6"+

SC101- Size: 6"+

The above mentioned teeth are collected from South Carolina and they are above 5". You can visit our shark teeth category to check out their prices.

The reason for extinction:

Most of the people wonder regarding the extinction of Megalodon shark. Unfortunately, there is not much information available with the researchers. Two popular conjectures depict that, the oceans increasing colder temperature may killed off this genus or they may have started migrating to colder waters at that time. The low temperature water was probably too cold for them to survive.