Sharks are bloody, starcarcinogenic and absolutely an incredible creature. The Megalodon was probably the most terrifying shark that existed in the prehistoric time. This is an extinct species of shark stretching nearly 60 feet and three times as long as the great white. If you really want to feel their size and nature, buy their fossilized teeth. Megalodon shark teeth were 7 inches long whereas great white shark teeth are only about 3 inches long. There is no exact information available regarding the extinction of Megalodon shark. The subject still remains under examination over the years.


Megalodon teeth:

Divers around the world are trying to collect the fossilized teeth of this giant predator. But it’s not so easy to find them. At the, we have placed a huge number of Megalodon teeth collected from different regions of the world like, Florida, North Carolina, Morocco, Georgia, etc. Our Georgia category includes 4 unique Carcharocles megalodon fossilized tooth that are considered as the most highly sought fossil shark tooth.


Carcharocles megalodon teeth collected from Georgia:

Carcharocles megalodon was the undisputed king of the Miocene and Pliocene seas. Our collected teeth look highly gorgeous and colorful. They are available in copper red, black, tan & olive crowns, black bourlettes, and red brown or black brown roots. Exceptional preservation makes them unique and durable. Each one of our teeth is near museum quality or better. This category of the collection has absolutely no restoration and repair.


-          OLIVE - GRAY colored upper jaw tooth

-          Glossy and high quality enamel

-          Extra sharp serrations and tip serration

-          Size 3 inch


-          OLIVE - GRAY colored upper jaw principal anterior tooth

-          Brown root and high quality enamel

-          Strong tip serration

-          Size: 3-3/4"


-          Gray colored lower jaw anterior tooth

-          Dark brown root

-          Sharp tip serration

-          Size: 4-7/16"


-          An extra-large principal anterior upper jaw tooth

-          Collected from the St. Mary's River, Florida

-          Museum quality

-          Size: 6-1/16" (4-3/8" W)

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