We all know more or less about the greatest predator of the ocean. Yes, this Shark and its biggest weapon is the mouth. When it comes to the great white shark, its mouth is highly effective and vital like the fins and other sense organs. Teeth and jaws are the two most effective elements of a great white mouth. The great white shark tooth look like the teeth of the land predators. Their teeth have very sharp points that cut meat into pieces. They are exclusively carnivores and don’t need any grinders to chew the plant matter.


Shape and look:

The shape of a great white tooth is broadly triangular and has coarsely serrated edges. The upper jaw teeth are flatter and broader that reflect their different roles while biting. The lower teeth prick and hold a food item securely while the saw-like upper tooth cuts the flesh for intake. There is a unique dental arrangement to capture a prey and to swallow the whole piece.

The great white sharks are considered as the king of the ocean. They went extinct millions of years ago, but today, we have their strong teeth as fossils. Today, great white teeth are favorite tourist relics. At any given time, they had up to 300 teeth in about 7 rows. When a tooth is lost, the tooth present behind it moves to its position to replace it. They grow thousands of teeth over the course of their lives.


Shark tooth collected from Chile:

At the Buriedtreasurefossils, we have a number of top-quality great white teeth collected from Chile. You can visit our Chile catalog 2 for great white tooth. We have a total of 12 high quality teeth collected from Chile. We have 11 Carcharodon carcharias teeth and 1 Pathologic shark teeth.


Carcharodon carcharias:

C248- Size: 2-1/8"

C243- Size: 2-1/16"

C239- Size: 2"

C235- Size: 1-15/16"

C225- Size: 1-7/8"

C223- Size: 1-13/16"

C222- Size: 1-13/16"

C218- Size: 1-11/16"

C217- Size: 1-11/16"

C216- Size: 1-11/16"

C214- Size: 1-9/16"

C206P- Size: 1-5/8"