Spinosaurus is the world’s most popular meat-eating dinosaur that had a stunning sail and crocodile like lifestyle. According a recent research report, they had a semiaquatic lifestyle. Researchers found that, Spinosaurus may have spent more time submerged in the rivers than stomping on dry land. Their anatomical features are the evidence of this nature. This species went extinct near about ninety million years ago and today, we have only their fossilized teeth as reminiscence of these dinosaurs that lived a long time ago.

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You have probably watched the Jurassic Park 3 that made Spinosaurus so popular and they were the merciless star of that movie. We all know that movies take great liberty with VFX, facts and animation. Want to know more about this Sailback Theropod? Let’s have a look at the views of paleontologists around the world.


According to the paleontologists, Spinosaurus was 12 to 17 meters long from head to tail. Their body was a bit similar to T-Rex, but there were some obvious differences. T-Rex didn’t have the large sail-like fins and heavier front legs. Scientists predict that these long arms were used for walking and gripping on dinner. Their head was long and narrow, but not heavier than T-Rex.


They had big spines extending from vertebrae along their back. These spines could grow up to 6 feet long. They were also covered with a membrane of skin filled in the spaces available between the spines.


They had jaws full of sharply pointed teeth unlike the T-Rex. Their teeth were smooth, round and resemble to the bite of crocodiles. There was interlock of the upper teeth with the lower teeth and they might have had a diet consisting of fish.

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