sharks tooth necklaces

Bone processing and jewelry making have been there since time immemorial. It all started with humans’ quest of making their loved ones happy by gifting them something handmade. They started creating bone jewelry that was loved by all and the same practice has been continued since then. It is not rare to spot people wearing sharks tooth necklaces. You can just look around and discover how it has transitioned into a fashion trend from an ancient practice. For some people, it may be an evil practice of killing innocent animals and using their bones and teeth for creating art pieces. However, that’s not always the truth.

Bone processing doesn’t always mean dirty!

Animals are no immortal species. They too die like humans do. That leaves enough material behind to create some tiny pieces and it can be done without actually killing a life to just turn it into jewelry later. After all, the art is not about celebrating deaths but the traces that they left behind. It is about glorifying how they lived and thrived! However, the instances of cruelty cannot be denied. It is important to check for the source from where it is coming before making a purchase. For instance, shark teeth can be found at beaches or during dives and it will be ethical to further process them. But there may be an unethical case of killing them for the purpose as well. So, you should ensure purchasing ivory or other bone jewelry from a reliable source only.

For how long does it last?

That’s an obvious question! Anyone investing in a jewelry would want to know its lifespan. The answer is simple. They are highly durable and will be there even when you’re no more. For instance, shark tooth takes around 10,000 years to fossilize. So, it is evident that you can expect yourself as well as your generations to preserve it as a legacy.

About the process

Bone jewelry is created by skilled artists and is usually hand crafted and painted. Though there are several equipment available to get the job done, the ancient method of carving and lashing is still the most preferred technique. The reason is the finish and handcrafted look achieved by the technique. Processing is also pretty simple. The bones are first cleaned with a soap solution and then boiled in a dilute acid to further clean it. After this, they are rinsed and dried. The next step is to soak them in a dilute bleach solution which gives them the finish they deserve while wiping the unpleasant odor away.

The bottom line

For fossil enthusiasts, bone processing can be an opportunity to dive in the rich history of turning animal remains into beautiful, thoughtful gifts. For jewelry lovers, it can be a great way to wear those witchy vibes with style. They are durable like anything and are processed without harming animals, making it completely cruelty-free. In case you’re looking for sharks tooth necklaces or pendants like the one worn by Rihanna, explore our exclusive collection here.