5 Dangerous Facts About Dolphins: The Truth Behind These “Gentle” Creatures

The mention of these happy aquatic creatures often paints the picture of Florida's popular dolphin show at Sea World theme park. The grandeur of the cresting dolphins surrounded by soaring tropical rainbow birds and a happy child petting the aquatic mammal as one of the many reaches up to the audience area. The unison of the sky and water as the realms' majestic creatures come together is quite a dreamy visual experience. Indeed, dolphins are impressive, but the cetologists and other researchers looking for dolphin tooth for sale for studying them might have a different opinion. Their perpetual grin and an overall pleasant demeanor can be misleading. This blog talks about five dangerous facts about these seemingly "gentle and harmless" creatures.

They bite and attack

Fancy a dolphin tooth fossil for sale? These teeth do more than just smiling. Dolphin teeth are very sharp and designed to attack and ravenously kill their prey. Apart from being sharp, dolphins have many teeth in their set to make their attacks impactful. For instance, the bottlenose dolphins can have between eighty to a hundred teeth in their mouth for a firm grip and ultimately secure their prey for consumption. Additionally, at times these mammals might attack an animal (including humans) without any intention of preying on them via a strong blow with their snouts.

They torture their food before eating it

Well, dolphins can be pretty sadistic too. On one note, they do it to prey on rather harder to attack creatures like octopuses who have deadly tentacles around for defense. Dolphins maul and beat them up to break them into smaller pieces before eating them. In another context, sometimes dolphins murder other aquatic creatures such as porpoises and fellow mammals without the urge to eat them. They even harm fellow dolphins' calves.

They are constantly evolving their methods of hunting

Dolphins are intelligent creatures. When they are ready to prey, dolphins turn into quite calculative and scheming hunters. Some of them might use their tails to swirl mud in the water and trap a fish inside. A Smithsonian article revealed that these creatures even teach their newly adopted hunting skills through cultural transmission.

They aren't smiling

Unfortunately, the dolphins aren't genuinely happy to see you. Their toothy grin is an anatomical anomaly. Their facial muscles can't move and switch as humans can. They will "smile" even when they are injured, in pain, or near their death.

They are not suitable to swim along

Certain theme parks and water-entertainment centers provide the experience of swimming with dolphins. Although it might sound enticing, it is important to remember that dolphins are nothing beyond wild and ferocious creatures. They are apex predators capable of murdering even sharks. These aquatic mammals are smart and fast, where one might go after their own kind. Male dolphins are known to hurt their female counterparts.

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