Knightia Facts and Figures You Should Know About

Most dinosaur fossils, or many prehistoric shark fossils for that matter, may be way out of reach of some people. But fossils from prehistoric fish called Knightia are quite reasonably priced. These 50 thousand year old fish are discovered in Wyoming as one of the Green River Formation fossils. Owing to their abundance, ordinary customers can buy Knightia fossils at affordable prices.

Did you know Knightia is the official state fossil of Wyoming? Yes, and for more facts and figures regarding this astonishing fish from the prehistoric era, don’t forget to read the following.

  • Habitat: going by the region where most fossils of Knightia were discovered, paleontologists concluded that the fish lived in a series of ancient lakes in North America.
  • Size and weight: from the fossils, you can easily say that it was not more than ten inches long, but were typically less than 6 inches in length and weighed several ounces. 
  • Food: you would be surprised to know that Knightia, contrary to a popular belief that it fed on other fish, only survived on small marine organisms such as plankton and diatoms.
  • Appearance: deducing from Green River Formation fossils, Knightia was herring-like in appearance, which is why it falls under the species of the Herring genus Clupea.

Bottom Line

Fossil hunters know that Knightia, which were commonly found in the lakes of North America some 55-35 million years ago, would still be the “knight” among other fish of the same classification.

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