How to Collect Dinosaur Fossils the Right Way

What if you had to be a scientist to get hands on amazing things like dinosaur fossils or pieces of an old spacecraft? That would have been a shame; thankfully there is no law forbidding you from collecting such scientific memorabilia. But there are some considerations that should be paid heed to while purchasing or collecting scientific keepsakes. Upon browsing the internet, you will find so many sites claiming to have real dinosaur fossils for sale, but they aren’t always the real deal. These relics don’t exactly come cheap and buying them may be tricky. Sometimes even if the fossil up for sale is authentic, it may be stolen or even illegal to own. Yes, you heard it right. Although owning dinosaur fossils is not outright against the law, but there are certain items that law prohibits you to collect. This blog post is for all the fossil aficionados; let’s look at how you may collect dinosaur fossils the right way.

Always buy from trustworthy sources and dedicated dealers

We live in a digital era and thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to find cool keepsakes like dinosaur claws and teeth. But how do you know what you are getting is actually a real dinosaur fossil for sale? It is not rare to find misidentified items apart from fakes on some sites. If you a newbie, it is all the more important to buy from reputable dealers and trustworthy websites. Look at the credentials and the kind of connections the dealer has in the field before making the purchase.

Know the legality associated with your hobby 

Just because a fossil has been legitimately collected and is up for sale doesn’t mean you will go ahead with the purchase right away. In the US every state can have different laws about collecting dinosaur fossils. For example, when you are on federal land, collecting vertebrate fossils, that is anything with a backbone, is illegal. On Bureau of Land Management or BLM lands you may collect invertebrates only that aren’t scientifically significant. Well, you may easily get confused around the legalities, and therefore, it helps if you look up relevant websites that guide you about what can and can’t be collected, for example the Bureau of Land Management web pages.   

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