Could Forest Fires Be the Reason for Pine Cone Tree Evolution? 

Sitting pretty on your Christmassy mantel is a perky little pine cone accentuating the winter-themed drawing room with its presence. Must-have accessories for Christmas parties, pine cones are no stranger to extreme weather conditions. However, according to some scientists, the rough and tough nature of our pretty little pine cones could be because of raging wildfires burning down forests in the Jurassic Age. If you’re wondering where to buy large pine cones that have stood the test of time, fossilizing itself through the passing centuries, we may have a collection of pre-historic pine cones to add to your collection.

But, before we take the plunge and start sifting through the Jurassic era pine cones, we have a piece of teeny-tiny information to share with you; something that can explain why pine cones over the years of weather abuse have roughened themselves up for extreme temperatures. Going back to the prehistoric age where tyrannosauruses roamed free, pterodactyls replaced your everyday songbirds, and 40ft long prehistoric crocs swam the dense water- the habitat back then was a medley of wild flora and fauna, all striving to survive the day. Forest wildfires weren’t unusual back then as a result of which, a lot of plants that blossomed back in the Cretaceous age are now but a mere fossil.

However, scientists from the Department of Earth Sciences recently unearthed a familiar pine cone tree that is known to be one of the oldest fossils ever! The 140-million-year-old fossil was well preserved in its charcoal state which led to the belief that pines could co-evolve with natural calamities back in the Cretaceous era. It was not this fossil alone, but multiple others too, that concreted the belief that early pine cones would adapt it to forest fires- a fact that could have shaped the evolution of this tree. Scientists believe, every time a pine cone tree would burn down in a natural fire, the pine cones would fall, germinate and seed it once the fire passes away!

Now, who would have thought a pretty Christmas masterpiece like this would have such a sturdy history behind its presence in the 21st Century? 
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