Best 6 Fish Fossils Available for Collectors

Diversity is important for a grand collection, along with the fossils from the dinosaur species. That diversity works wonders when adding one of the Green River fish fossils into the collection. These fishes were usually of the freshwater variety and existed around 50 million years ago. 

You can find a variety of fish fossils from the Eocene era and Cretaceous time mined all around America and Asia. The fossils available in Buried Treasure Fossils are nicely preserved with the required measures. Here are the best six fish fossils you can purchase for your collection:

  1. Priscacara serrata:

Belonging to the Eocene age, the Priscacara serrata fossil is a part of Green River fish fossils. This species exhibits large fins and teeth and is thus present in a much larger fossil size. As compared to others from the Priscacara species, such as the Priscacara (Cockerellites) liops , this fossil can be found in the 18-inch layer. It has been preserved with extra care due to its large size weighing around 11 lb. Add this Green River fish fossil with a sunfish-like body and spines to your collection.

  1.  Diplomystus dentatus:

Another 18-inch layer Green River fish fossil, Diplomystus dentatus, is a natural fossil preserved with great detail. It is an extinct genus of clupeomorph fish which is related to herrings from the Eocene age. Weighing 7.25 lbs, this fossil used to exist around 48 million years ago. They used to reproduce in the freshwater environment and have very similar distinctions to the present-time herring and sardines.

  1. Knightia eocaena:

Available in a group of five fossil fishes, Knightia eocaena is a popular green river fish fossil. With exceptional preservation techniques, you will find this fossil to be in excellent condition. Being an extinct genus of clupeid bony fish, Knightia Eocaena lived in freshwater. This fossil with five fish fossils weighs about 9.25 lbs. This species was found during the Eocene Epoch era in North America and Asia.

  1. Priscacara (Cockerellites) liops:

From the Cockerellites is the new genus name for the fish once known as Priscacara liops fish, this fossil is preserved from about 50 million years ago. The dorsal stout and sunfish-like body, very similar to Priscacara serrata in this list, is another 18-inch layer fossil. The Cockerellites are one of the most in-demand Green River fish fossils. Their Green River formation in places like Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming makes them a popular species among collectors.

  1. Satericthys sp.

A Cretaceous specimen, this fossil of Satericthys sp. has defined detail and is well-preserved. One of the small fossil fish sizes of around 2”, this fish fossil was found in Taouz, Morocco. You will add a great piece of authentic fossil to your collection with this fossil.

  1. Stephanodus libycus:

Belonging to the Mesozoic Era, Stephanodus libycus is a fish fossil. The fossil of this species is from the Cretaceous era and was found near Amman, Jordan. You will find a fossil of their complete tooth in the items available on the Buried Treasure Fossils website.

Add these top-size Green River fish fossils to your collection and broaden your vision with these 50 million years old pieces. The fossils are all natural and well-preserved, with the addition of plates for protection.