Finding fossils is certainly exciting — you found traces of something that existed millions of years ago. But preserving them is difficult, as they are quite delicate, demanding your utmost attention. To keep them safe as historical items, it’s vital to put proper care in place, and this stands true even for the fossils that you buy, whether it’s Hemipristis shark tooth for sale or an extinct pine cone.

Here’s your quick guide to caring for fossils:

Clean them before storage

The first step to preserving fossils is to clean them to get rid of dirt and residue. For fossils found on the land, you can use a soft brush for cleaning. For those discovered from a sea setting, use a mild solution of bleach and water. Soak them in the solution for a few minutes and then brush them to remove salt residues. Make sure to handle and brush them gently, as they are fragile.

Fix broken parts

Fossils are millions of years old, which makes them susceptible to breakage and developing cracks. Most fossils that are found are broken or have pieces missing. And the chances are that the one you found may also be in a similar state. To ensure they remain intact, it’s vital to put every broken piece together and glue them. However, be careful when gluing them and apply glue only to the area that needs to be fixed or strengthened.

Put them in a box

Whether you found a fossil yourself or bought a Hemipristis shark tooth for sale, you need to store it in a specialized box that keeps moisture and dust at bay. A fossil box should have different compartments so that you can organize your fossils properly and avoid damage to them. If you want to displace them, you may want to consider investing in a glass cabinet designed specifically for fossils.

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