Titanosaur teeth for sale

There is nothing quite like the thrill of exploring and discovering remnants of the old world, of beings that populated the earth long before humans walked the planet. Of all the creatures that have inhabited the earth, there are none quite as fascinating as dinosaurs. If it were not for the fossils that they left behind, buried under the earth’s surface, it would be almost impossible to believe their existence.

The wonder and curiosity associated with these creatures in only applied thanks to blockbuster movies like Jurassic Park. This iconic movie played a large role in igniting the interest of people all around the world in these unfathomable creatures and the event that led to their extinction. With this renewed or new interest in dinosaurs also came the thirst to find proof of their existence. And what better way to satisfy this thirst other than finding or purchasing bones, teeth, and claws of dinosaurs?

Fossils are very interesting and unique items as they serve as preserved relics of a bygone era. Collecting fossils is an exceptional way of learning about the history of the world, even if you are not an expert in geology. Paleontology is a fascinating subject that allows us to learn about the history of the planet that we live on, simply by studying fossils. From these ancient fossils, we can glean the environment of the creature that it comes from, its diet, size, and a lot of other fascinating information.  

Authentic fossils left behind by trilobites, megalodons, and other sharks, dinosaur bones, or claws all make for interesting collectibles. These specimens also serve as amazing gifts for lovers of history and science. Properly authenticated and genuine fossils make for some of the most exciting decorations around the house, not just for everyday décor but also as brilliant conversation starters for when guests are around. These fossilized remains can also be used as study material for aspiring paleontologists and for young kids to pique their curiosity. 

Mesozoic Titanosaurs

One of the most popular types of dinosaurs are the Sauropods. These long-necked dinosaurs are known for being one of the largest herbivores in existence. There are a number of different sauropod species and of all of them, Titanosaurs were the last surviving group of long-necked sauropods. These gentle giants could be found all over the seven continents and were thriving at the time of the extinction event. The group that Titanosaurs belong to were known to include some of the largest animals to ever walk the planet.

These giant creatures were a marvel of evolutionary innovation and despite their instant recognisability, there is not much information on them. Their biology is so unique and confounding that many scientists still debate about how these creatures came to be. Titanosaurs could grow up to 100+ feet and yet, despite their size, they only had small, peg-like teeth. It was next to impossible for these dinosaurs to chew and yet they somehow managed to eat enough plants to feed their large bodies. It is the sheer disparity between the size of their bodies and teeth that makes sauropods some of the most interesting creatures to research and collect fossils of this dinosaur.

There are a lot of different species of sauropods and distinguishing between them is best left to the experts. While collecting sauropod teeth, you might be tempted to take a deep dive into the different species and find out whose teeth you have managed to acquire. To simplify matters, you should take into account that sauropod teeth that are in circulation currently are considered Titanosaur teeth, primarily because they largely populated the earth right at the end of the Cretaceous period.

Another factor that cements that most sauropod teeth are Titanosaur teeth is that Titanosaur teeth are much longer and thicker than the Rebbachisaurus Sauropod teeth. The enamel as well on the Titanosaur teeth is rougher, with a wrinkled outward appearance. Rebbachisaurus Sauropod teeth on the other hand are shorter, thinner, and with a much smoother enamel. Most sauropod teeth that you find as collectibles around the world will be from Titanosaurs, and you can confirm this for yourself by checking the surface of the teeth and the enamel.

Buried Treasure

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