Facts to Know Before Buying Tiger Shark Teeth for Sale

The tiger shark is one of the world's largest predatory sharks in existence today, reaching lengths of up to 5.5 meters. This shark is a global species that can be found in all oceans. Hence, there is something so powerful and enigmatic about finding this shark's tooth and adding it to your collection, knowing these incredible pieces of marine life are a key to some of the ocean's most momentous and mysterious creatures. Before buying any Tiger shark teeth for sale, here are some facts to know!

What Do Tiger Shark Teeth Look Like?

The Tiger shark teeth for sale are identified by their distinctive appearance: short, broad, and seemingly strong. Tiger sharks' razor-sharp blades, which are used to cut through clams and shells, are decorated with serrations. Tiger shark teeth are distinguishable by their pointed tip and sharp serrations. Their razor-sharp teeth can cut through bone, flesh, as well as the shells of other animals, making even turtle shells no match for them. Like most shark species, the Tiger shark continuously sheds and replenishes its teeth throughout its life.

Teeth Reveal the Age of the Tiger Shark

When examining the fossil record of these apex predators, a group of international researchers led by Julia Türtscher of the University of Vienna discovered:

  • Tiger sharks in the modern era are older than previously believed.
  • Several tiger shark species existed in the past compared to the single species living today. 

With the help of geometric morphometrics, scientists could show the age of the fossil tiger sharks and check out the valid species.

The Shark Tooth Facts

The size of the shark itself determines how many teeth it has. Shark teeth constantly fall out because they lack a root. That's all right! Sharks have three to fifteen rows of developing teeth in their mouths at any given time, and their gums constantly move these teeth into the correct biting positions, sort of like a conveyor belt. Sharks' teeth may appear menacing in their mouths, but what makes them even more terrifying is the strength of a shark's jaw, which has become stronger over time. When you combine the two, you get something precarious.

The Tiger Shark's Bite: How Powerful Is It?

The Tiger shark's teeth and jaws set it apart from most shark species. Tiger sharks can bite with a force of at least 6,000 pounds per square centimeter. The Tiger shark's teeth also have a unique component, a flatter rear tooth, which protects the large cutting area from the shark's powerful bite pressure.

How Long Are the Teeth of Tiger Sharks?

The Tiger shark can grow to 10 to 14 feet on average and weigh between 850 and 1,400 pounds. Tiger sharks are thought to have gotten even more significant since they weren't "officially" weighed—the heaviest female ever recorded weighed 1,780 pounds. 

The Bottom Line

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