shark teeth fossil

Shark teeth fossils make amazing collectibles, but before you make any deals or invest in fabricated teeth claimed as authentic shark teeth fossils, a certain amount of caution should be practiced.

If you have recently come across some fabulous shark teeth for sale, then there are things to be mindful of. The blog will give you the right idea about what a credible and authentic shark tooth fossil looks like. So, read the blog and help yourself make the right decision.


Definitely one of the most exquisite features of an authentic shark tooth fossil is its color. A dark color is an outright sign of permineralized fossil teeth. Even in some cases, the crown of the tooth may be white, but the root will still be beige or gray in color.

Usually, recent shark teeth have a white crown and enamel because they are yet to permineralize, which takes millions of years. Therefore, analyzing the color might be the best parameter to detect whether a shark tooth fossil is convincing or not.


Don’t fall for this trap—that all sharks have serrations on their teeth. The dreadful serrations (both primary and secondary) that were used to chomp their prey are not a generic feature of all fossilized shark teeth.

Species like Tigers and Blue sharks, along with White sharks, have primary serrations on their teeth, whereas Whale sharks and Basking sharks are devoid of serrations, which distinguish them from other species with typical shark-like teeth.

The shark teeth fossil you are about to buy may or may not have serrations. Their presence or absence doesn’t signify the authenticity of the fossilized teeth.

Location of Excavation

It may be challenging to claim a shark's tooth fossil as real, especially if the crown color is white. To confirm the authenticity of the shark teeth fossil, the best question to ask is "where did they find the fossils?"

Since fossils of marine creatures are excavated from sedimentary rocks that are marine-driven, the answer to the above question may resolve the doubt.

If the seller informs you that the shark tooth fossil was found in a creek around 50 miles from the nearest ocean, it will be a satisfactory explanation to claim it as a fossil instead of modern teeth or a recently dead shark.

Extinct Species

One of the best approaches to corroborate the credibility of authentic shark teeth is identifying the species. However, identifying the species is challenging as the fossils found are scattered and mixed. If you encounter the shark teeth fossil of a species that went extinct long ago, it is good practice to regard it as a shark teeth fossil rather than the teeth of a modern shark species.


Shark teeth are marvellous reminders of gigantic creatures in geological history; however, ensuring you are investing only in the right article will save you a lot of regret and money, as they come at an expensive price.

It is always recommended to do extensive research before you buy the fossilized shark teeth that are worth the purchase.

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