Loved the Jurassic Park franchise as a child? Watched the terrifying Red Claw dinosaur in awe in ‘The Land Before Time’ and was fascinated by his size? Then chances are that you are still interested in these prehistoric creatures that ruled the land and the seas millions of years ago.

Given that popular culture is so interested in these reptiles, we need not really go into the details regarding why dinosaur fossils are so much in demand! However, buying dinosaur fossils can be a formidable challenge as so many fakes are doing the rounds. Where to buy one from? How do I know that a fossil is original? Will I end up paying too much? These are just some of the questions that run through the average buyer’s minds, which is justifiable since fossils are rare collector’s items.

But not to worry. In this blog, we will share a few tips with the help of which you can start the perfect collection:

1. Decide what type of fossil you want

Focus on one specific geologic time period to narrow down your search. Experts also believe that not just focusing on the popular ones may help you land a prized catch for yourself. Moreover, the ones that steal all the limelight, such as the velociraptor, or the tyrannosaurus rex can be quite pricey.

2. Research is crucial

Remember that the fossils you buy are an investment. So, spend a substantial amount of time researching their characteristics and categories. You are more likely to get a really good deal if you know your fossils well!

3. The price depends on a number of factors

You can find dinosaur claws, teeth, bones, and more in the form of fossils that can range anywhere from $30 to millions of dollars! Bear in mind that a host of factors have an impact on the price tag of the fossil you’re interested in. The species, size, condition, type of fossil, and its origin region - all of these factors have a role to play in determining its price. Here too, research is important. To avoid getting scammed, know what it is exactly that you are paying for. Compare prices and study the fossil closely for authenticity to ensure that you get a fair deal.

4. Look for trustworthy sources

There are a number of online fossil sites such as Buried Treasure Fossils that not only sell original dinosaur claws and other fossils, but also have valuable resources and an extensive collection that can help beginners to find ‘the one’ for them. At the same time, specialty shops and trade shows are also places that you’d want to frequent if you plan on taking this hobby up seriously.

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