Carcharocles megalodon

This catalog contains excellent teeth from the Giant White shark - Carcharocles megaolodon. These teeth are noted for their well defined triangular crown and extra large, well defined serrations. The serrations on the Peruvian Megs are incredibly long and well defined. Some of the finest Megs that you will see with exceptional preservation and color. Miocene age. Peru produces some of the finest Megs known - however, the best are quite rare! These teeth are extremely difficult to locate. I don't need to tell you how rare they are! Peru is strictly enforcing their antiquities laws and collecting, selling, and exporting all fossils in Peru is prohibited. Also, I have heard that new finds have all but ceased as the desert is slow to expose new material and it was heavily collected over the past 10+ years. I acquired these Megs many years ago.

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