Otodus - Pathologic Tooth                                      

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A Top Quality,  exceptional "split crown" Otodus obliquus tooth from the Khouribga phosphate mining area of Morocco. This pathologic tooth crown is divided into two sections! A very unique pathology. Complete tooth. No repair or restoration! Authenticity guaranteed. A fantastic collector's tooth.

M051P           SIZE: 2"

Note - Adding 14 Otodus obliquus teeth in November 2022  ->  Link to Otodus obliquus teeth


This catalog contains some true oddities of nature - the highly unusual yet beautiful pathologic Otodus obliquus shark teeth. Pathologic teeth are among the most bizarre and rare shark teeth to exist. This is a wonderful assortment of difficult to find pathologic teeth. These teeth are Eocene age (50 million years ago). This is an incredible group of museum to near museum quality teeth. These teeth are infrequently seen for sale and the Moroccan site is producing some phenomenal specimens. This is the largest selection of pathologic on the web!

Otodus obliquusis one of the earliest mackerel sharks. These large teeth are noted for their triangular crown and large side cusps (occasionally multiple side cusps). O. obliquus was the king of the early Eocene - (approx. 50 million years ago). Note - The Otodus obliquus is starting point for the Megalodon shark lineage. It is easy how these apex predators would evolve into Megalodon, the largest shark that ever lived. 

Please note that exceptional O. obliquus are hard to locate. Most teeth teeth are destroyed when collected due to the crude extraction techniques used to remove the teeth from a fairly hard matrix. Most teeth will loose one or more side cusps and / or roots ends will break when extracted. These items are then be reattached and often done quite poorly. The trick is locating teeth that have little or no damage (if damaged, repair must be minor, quite nicely done and nearly undetectable). Most O. obliquus teeth on the market are poorly repaired. I have gone through large quantities to find teeth that are very showy with no damage or minimal damage that can not be detected on the display side. The Otodus teeth in this catalog are extraordinarily large and their condition is excellent. Thus, these teeth quite phenomenal for their extra large size and uncommonly nice conditionIf you are frustrated over the glued together and remanufactured Otodus teeth that you have purchased in the past, you will find these GEMs to be a pleasant surprise. True Collector's quality shark teeth!

Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.