Carcharodon carcharias

C1206 BoP
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An incredibly sized Great White shark tooth from Chile.

C1206             Size: ~3-1/8" (2-1/8" W)

An incredibly sized Great White shark tooth from Chile. These teeth have been in my collection for 9 years - back in the good old days when fantastic fossil shark teeth were coming out of Chile. Since strict enforcement of the their antiquity laws starting in 2006, there has been no new material coming from Chile. These ULTRA RARE, MONSTER sized Great White teeth consist of an upper and a lower jaw PRINCIPAL ANTERIOR tooth. These giant teeth has a gorgeous tan colored crowns and light tan roots. High quality enamel! Excellent color! The serrations are exceptional with an excellent tip serration. Exceptional preservation - note the preserved nutrient hole on the root. These teeth were ultra rare when a large quantity of fossils came out of Chile. Now these monsters teeth only exist buried in high end collections. Here's a chance to put some one of a kind teeth in your collection!