Otodus megalodon Indonesia

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An ultra rare, TOP QUALITY, Megalodon - upper jaw anterior tooth from West Java, Indonesia - new site.  This Megalodon has an incredible dark tan color and an excellent orange colored bourlette. Highest quality enamel. Fantastic color! The bourlette is large and essentially complete. The serrations are razor sharp with an excellent tip serration. Excellent serrations for a BIG Meg. The root is excellent - nicely articulated with burgundy & brown color on the display side and shallow pitting on the non-display side which is all to common for these Megs. Miocene Age. No repair or restoration. Authenticity Guaranteed. A rare Indonesian Meg tooth. Note - The tan - orange - burgundy is another special color pattern available with the West Java Meg teeth. An exceptional West Java color Meg. 

IN22        Size: 5-3/8"  

Note - Adding 12 Indonesian Megalodon Teeth in June 2020. -> Link To Indonesian Megs

These Megalodon teeth are found in limestone deposits in West Java, Indonesia. They will come in a range of colors and most teeth will exhibit some form of color patterning. They are very showy teeth with incredible serrations. Late Miocene-Pliocene age (4-10 million years ago). These Megalodon teeth are the real deal and they are definitely among my personal favorites.

The West Java Meg teeth are a May 2020 new addition to our Megalodon teeth selection. As we continue to see many of our favorite Megalodon hunting sites dry up – Chile, Peru, Lee Creek, Bone Valley mines, etc., the West Java Meg teeth are a “breath of fresh air”. They offer brilliant colors and patterns, incredible serrations, and good size. Great news for the Megalodon collectors. Megalodon teeth from a new site worthy of any collection.

What is special about the West Java Megs?

Color - New colors and lots of bold colors. A range of tans, golds, reds, browns, blues, and black shades. Teeth typically exhibit multiple colors and patterns. You will "Picture Megs" with dispersed colors and uniform patterns like the "Fountain design". 

Bourlettes - Bourlettes are often huge for the lower and upper jaw teeth. The bourlettes will also have new bold colors and patterns that are only found with West Java Megs. The "Tiger eye" pattern is one of my favorites with altering vertical lines of gold and red. The West Java Megalodon bourlettes are very special.

Enamel - The enamel will be pristine - highest quality with little to no hydration cracks. These teeth have been buried in a limestone matrix with provides exceptional preservation of the enamel. Surfaces are like glass, much like the Caribbean Megs.

Serrations - The serrations are often perfect or near perfect with complete tip serrations. The limestone matrix preserves the serrations nicely. Note - A unique characteristic that you will see is the extraordinary distance that the serrations extend onto the root. This feature can be seen on nearly every West Java Megalodon tooth. 

Carcharocles megalodon or Megalodon was the largest and most powerful shark that ever lived. It ruled the seas from the early Miocene to the end of the Pliocene some 20 to 3 million years ago. It is believed that the Megalodon shark reached lengths of 60 feet and it possessed large, heavy triangular teeth which are fully serrated. These large teeth plus the highest estimated bite force of any animal (up to 180,000 newtons) allowed the Megalodon to bite through massive prey. The diet of an adult Megalodon consisted of whales and other large marine mammals or sharks.

Megalodon teeth can exceed 7" in length; however, very few teeth of that size have been found. Today, only the teeth and a possibly a few vertebrae remain from the massive predator. Megalodon teeth come is a variety of size, color and condition. Top quality teeth are comparatively rare and can be quite expensive. Also due to the higher value of complete and undamaged teeth, damaged Megalodon teeth will be repaired and restored. These teeth will be far less valuable, and their repaired condition should be made known to any buyer. We rarely will offer a repaired tooth, and if we do it will be clearly marked.

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