Ptychodus mortoni                   

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A Top Quality Ptychodus mortoni tooth from Gove Co., Kansas. An excellent example of this Cretaceous shark. Some root missing. Authenticity guaranteed. Near Perfect tooth.

KS283           SIZE: 1" x 5/8"

Note - Adding 5 new P. mortoni teeth in April 2020.   Link to Kansas P. mortoni teeth

This catalog contains exceptional teeth from one of very difficult to locate Ptychodus sharks - Ptychodus anonymus, Ptychodus mortoni, Ptychodus whipplei, etc. which are Hybodotid sharks. These teeth were found in the Smoky Hill Member, Niobrara Chalk Fm. of Gove County and other Kansas locations which was part of the great inland sea area of North America during the Cretaceous (70-90 million years ago). These are beautiful, well preserved teeth. These teeth are high quality - extra nice condition and preservation.