Odontaspis ferox

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An EXCELLENT Odontaspis ferox lateral tooth with four long and sharp side cusps from Chile. A Sand Tiger shark. Great color and preservation. Super collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed.

C658           SIZE: 5/8"

This catalog contains very well preserved and unique teeth from the Sand Tiger shark - Odontaspis ferox. These teeth show exceptional color and exquisite detail. A key characteristic of the Odontaspis ferox is a narrow crown with spike-like side cusps. Pliocene age (4 million years ago). This is an incredible group of museum to near museum quality teeth - extra large size.

These teeth are very fragile and easily lose their side cusps. Complete teeth are very difficult to locate. Note - there has been no new supply of Chilean teeth since 2006.

Note - All teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.