Hemipristis serra : Mexico

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A Top Quality Hemipristis serra shark tooth from Baja, Mexico. Highest quality enamel. A tan crown with a tan root. Excellent color! Sharp serrations. Excellent eye appeal. This is a Miocene tooth found in the Rosarita Beach Fm. A Baja collector's Hemipristis tooth. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. An excellent tooth from a rare locality. 

MX333        SIZE: 1-3/16"  

Posting 19 species (68 rare shark teeth) from Baja, Mexico.   Link to Mexican shark teeth -> Mexico shark teeth


This catalog contains very nice specimens from the Snaggletooth shark, Hemipristis serra. Hemipristis serra or Snaggletooth shark is an extinct species of Weasel shark which evolved during the Oligocene epoch. The Hemipristis shark exists today, but it is smaller than its Miocene - Pliocene cousin. Baja Hemipristis teeth were Miocene age (15 million years ago) and Pliocene aga (2.2 MYA). The Snaggletooth shark teeth are very unique and significantly vary in design depending upon tooth position in the jaw. They are highly sought after by collectors. These teeth are from a very old collection of rare Baja, Mexico shark teeth.