Raptor Teeth & Fossils - Morocco - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers high quality Abelisaurid dinosaur teeth, rare raptor teeth and probable Deltadromeus teeth from mid-Cretaceous theropod species the Cretaceous from Kem Kem deposits of Morocco. Middle Cretaceous age (Cenomanian stage, 100 MYA). Authenticity guaranteed.  Be sure to visit our U.S. Raptor teeth catalog as well.

Abelisaurid - are the dinosaur teeth originally misidentified as a "Raptor" dinosaur from the Cretaceous Kem Kem deposits, and their teeth continue to be sold as raptor teeth by many dealers. Abelisaurid, a family of ceratosaurian theropod dinosaurs, filled the raptors role or niche in northern Africa during the early late Cretaceous period based upon the relative abudance of their teeth. Please note that the Abelisaurid teeth are very flat or straight on the posterior side as opposed to most theropods.

Raptor teeth - A smaller Kem Kem raptor dinosaur does exist, but their teeth are quite rare based on very few teeth found.

Deltadromeus agilis was initially thought to be a member of the Noasaurid (Abelisauridae family) and more recently thought to belong to the Neovenatoridae family which were a group of Allosaurid theropod dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous Period (approx. 90 MYA). Please note that Deltadromeus skull material was never found. So, their teeth cannot be identified with certainty. I identifed a possible fit for a Deltadromeus tooth based on some unique tooth characteristics that do not fit the known Kem Kem theropods. Note - Many dealers are selling smaller Carcharodontosaurus teeth and calling them Deltadromeus teeth.

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