USA Paleozoic Fossil Shark Teeth - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers rare Paleozoic shark teeth from sale including Petalodus and Symmorium teeth. We have a great selection of very rare Mississippian age (347 MM years ago) and Pennsylvanian age (300 MM years ago). The Paleozoic sharks are the first to evolve and the quantity of fossilized specimens is very small. The Paleozoic specimens are incredibly rare compared to the later period sharks, but are still affordable! Authenticity guaranteed. Have a look.

Scientific name Common Name
Agassizodus sp. (0)
Antilodus sp. (0)
Arpagodus sp. (0)
Campodus sp. (5)
Chomatodus sp. (5)
Cladodus occidentalis (0)
Cladodus sp. (0)
Cochliodus sp. (5)
Deltodus sp. (4)
Dorsal spine (1)
Fissodus sp. (1)
Helodus affinis (0)
Helodus appendiculatus (4)
Helodus laevis (0)
Helodus triangularis (0)
Holmsella sp. (2)
Hybodus sp. (0)
Janassa sp. (1)
Lagarodus sp. (5)
Lisgodus sp. (2)
Orodus sp. (7)
Peripristis semicircularis (4)
Peripristis sp. (1)
Petalodus alleghaniensis (2)
Petalodus sp. (2)
Petrodus patelliformis (0)
Phoebodus sp. (0)
Poeciliodus sp. (3)
Polyrhizodus sp. (0)
Psammodus sp. (0)
Sandolodus sp. (9)
Stamiobatis sp. (0)
Symmorium reniforme (0)
Symmorium sp. (11)
Venustodus argutus (1)
Venustodus sp. (2)