No. Carolina - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

This catalog contains exceptional teeth from O. angustidens, the direct ancestor to the Extinct Giant White shark (O. megalodon). O. angustidens teeth are noted for their triangular crowns and small side cusps that are fully serrated. The serrations are very sharp and very well pronounced. These teeth are from the Oligocene (28 million years ago).

Please note that these Angustidens teeth were found in a Chandler Bridge Formation from the copper red site in No. Carolina, and are of  very high quality.  These teeth will have full roots, tips, cusps, well defined serrations, and little to no damage of any kind. There is a tremendous selection of top quality Angustidens listed below.  If you are looking for a great O. angustidens, check out these teeth!  Authenticity guaranteed.

Scientific nameCommon Name