Texas Fossil Shark Teeth - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers incredible, rare Texas fossil shark teeth for sale including Cretodus and Cretoxyrhina teeth. North and north central Texas is known for an incredible assemblage of Cretaceous fossil shark teeth (70 to 112 million years ago). These teeth are well preserved and can be quite rare. Authenticity guaranteed. Have a look.


Scientific nameCommon Name
Carcharias amonensis (6)Extinct Sandtiger shark
Cretodus crassidens (6)Extinct Lamnid shark
Cretodus semplicatus (1)Extinct Lamnid shark
Cretolamna appendiculata (10)Extinct Mackerel Shark
Cretoxyrhina mantelli (10)Extinct Ginsu shark
Leptostyrax macrorhiza (11)Extinct Lamnid shark
Onchopristis dunklei (2)Extinct Saw shark
Paraisurus compressus (6)Extinct Lamnid Shark
Protolamna aff. sokolovi (12)Extinct Lamnid Shark
Ptychodus anonymus (10)Early Hybodotid shark
Ptychodus decurrens (7) Early Hybodotid shark
Ptychodus latissimus (5)Early Hybodotid shark
Ptychodus mammillaris (6)Early Hybodotid shark
Ptychodus mortoni (12)Early Hybodotid shark
Ptychodus polygyrus (5)Early Hybodotid shark
Ptychodus sp. (6)Early Hybodotid shark
Ptychodus whipplei - Specimen teeth (12)Early Hybodotid shark
Ptychodus whipplei - Group teeth (3)Early Hybodotid shark
Rhombodus binkhorsti (0)Extinct Stingray
Scapanorhynchus raphiodon (0)Extinct Goblin Shark
Scapanorhynchus texanus (3)Extinct Goblin Shark
Squalicorax falcatus (11)Extinct Crow Shark
Squalicorax kaupi (0)Extinct Crow Shark
Squalicorax pawpawensis (10)Extinct Crow Shark