Sharktooth Hill Fossil Shark Teeth - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers incredible Sharktooth Hill fossils for sale including rare shark teeth, sea lions, dolphin, and whale. The famous Sharktooth Hill fossil beds reside north of Bakersfield, California contain a rich deposit of middle Miocene age (12 to 15 million years ago) fossil shark teeth. The teeth are contained in silt deposits that are occasionally exposed on private lands. These teeth are exhibit excellent preservation and color. BTFossils quality that you can trust. Authenticity guaranteed. Have a look.


Scientific nameCommon Name
Allodesmus kernensis (15)Extinct Primitive Sea Lion
Aulophyseter morricei (9)Extinct Sperm Whale
Carcharhinus egertoni (1)Requiem shark
Carcharhinus limbatus (1)Requiem shark
Carcharias acutissima - Olcese (0)Sand shark
Carcharias ferox - Olcese (0)Sand shark
Carcharocles megalodon (8)Extinct Giant White shark
Cetorhinus maximus (5)Basking shark
Desmostylus herperus (5)Extinct Hippo-like Mammal
Echinorhinus blakei (1)Bramble shark
Dasyatis sp. (2)Sting ray - make & female species
Galeocerdo aduncus (5)Extinct Tiger shark
Galeocerdo contortus (10)Extinct Tiger shark
Galeorhinus galeus (1)Soupfin shark
Hexanchus andersoni (16)Six-gilled or cow shark
Hemipristis serra (6)Snaggle-tooth shark
Heterodontus sp. (15)Horn shark
Isurus desori (14)Narrow-tooth Mako shark
Isurus hastalis - uppers (47)Big-tooth Mako shark
Isurus hastalis - lowers (0)Big-tooth Mako shark
Isurus planus (40)Hook-tooth Mako shark
Neotherium mirum (2)Extinct Primitive Sea Lion
Parotodus benedeni (6)False Mako shark
Prosqualodon errabundus (11)Extinct Giant Primitive Dolphin
Scyliorhinus sp. (4)Extinct Cat shark
Shark Vertebrae (7)Shark Vertebrae
Sphryna lewini (2)Scalloped Hammerhead shark
Sphryna zygaena (0)Smooth Hammerhead shark
Squalus occidentalis (8)Dogfish shark
Squatina lericheii (13)Angel shark
Dolphin (14)
Bird Fossils (1)
Myliobatus (2)
Sharktooth Hill Fossil Display Pieces - Matrix (11)
Fish Fossils - Mola sp. (4)