Netherlands Fossil Shark Teeth - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers incredible Netherlands fossils for sale including incredible fossil shark teeth and Isurus escheri. I recently acquired a large European collection of museum quality Isurus escheri ("the serrated" Mako), Isurus hastalis, and Isurus desori. The Isurus escheri and Isurus hastalis include many “Blue teeth” which have exceptional preservation and color. These are pristine shark teeth with no wear and high quality enamel. You rarely see these top quality teeth!  Authenticity guaranteed. Have a look. 

Scientific nameCommon Name
Carcharias acutissima (4)Extinct Sand shark
Carcharias vorax (4)Extinct Sand Tiger shark
Centrophoroides appendiculatus (3)Extinct Dogfish shark
Cetorhinus maximus (1)Basking shark
Dolphin Teeth & Ear Bone (2)Dolphin
Ganopristus leptodon (1)Extinct Sawfish shark
Carcharodon (Isurus) desori (7)Extinct Narrow-tooth Mako shark
Carcharomodus (Isurus) escheri (17)Extinct Serrated Mako shark
Carcharodon (Isurus) hastalis (20)Extinct Big-tooth Mako shark
Lamna nasus (8)Porbeagle shark teeth
Notorhynchus cependianus (2)Seven-Gill (Cow) shark
Palaeogaleus faujasi (1)Extinct Leopard shark
Palaeohypotodus bronni (2)Extinct Odontaspid shark
Pseudocorax affinis (3)Extinct Crow shark
Pathologic Isurus Teeth (2)Pathologic Mako shark teeth
Squalus acanthius (5)Extinct Dogfish shark
Squatina subserrata (2)Extinct Angel shark
Rhynchobatus pristinus (1)
Scyliorhinus distans (1)
Sphyrna arambourgi (1)
Heterodontus rogosus (1)
Squalus sp. (2)
Squatina sp. (0)
Squatirhina sp. (3)