Kazakhstan Fossil Shark Teeth - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers incredible Kazakhstan fossil shark teeth for sale including ultra rare early Auriculatus and Otodus teeth. An area of badlands in western Kazakhstan is yielding exquisite middle Eocene age (Upper Shorym age / Bartonian; approx. 37 million years ago) shark teeth. The fossil teeth from this area exhibit superb preservation and coloration. The exquisite detail shown by these teeth are rapidly making this shark tooth site world famous. Being land sites, the detail and preservation exhibited by these shark teeth are nothing less than outstanding - some of the finest marine fossils known. The exceptional and rare teeth from this unique location are a must for every collection. In fact, this area has produced the finest examples of many shark species including the rare and highly sought after transitional Otodus teeth (serrated) which is the precursor to the Carcharocles genus. This is an incredibly rare occurrence of the earliest ancestors to the Megalodon. Authenticity guaranteed. Have a look.

Scientific nameCommon Name
Abdounia beaugei (1)Extinct Requiem shark
Acrodus levis (0)Extinct Acrodont shark
Aetobatus sp. (0)Extinct Bonnet Ray
Alopias exigua (4)Extinct Thresher shark
Alopias hermani (17)Extinct Thresher shark
Archeolamna koepingensis (2)Extinct Cretoxyrhinidae shark
Burnhamia woodwardi (5)
Cantioscyllium decipiens (0)Extinct Ginglymostomatidae shark
Otodus auriculatus (36)Extinct Giant White shark
Cretorectolobus sp. (1)Extinct Orectolobidae shark
Echinorhinus zheleskovi (0)Extinct Bramble shark
Enchodus ferox (0)Extinct Bony Fish (Salmon)
Eostriatolamia venusta (3)Extinct Sand Tiger shark
Galeorhinus latus (0)Extinct Hound shark
Heterodontus sp. (0)Extinct Horn shark
Hybodus sp. (4)Extinct Hybodontid shark
Hypotodus verticalis (15)Extinct Odontaspid shark
Isurolamna inflata (4)Extinct Mackerel shark
Carcharodon (Isurus) praecursor (17)Extinct Early Mako
Jaekelotodus trigonalis (15)Extinct Sand shark
Lamiostoma gracilis (0)Extinct Lamnid shark
Lamna rupeliensis (2)Extinct Lamnid shark
Macrorhizodus falcatus (0)Extinct Lamnid shark
Mennerotodus glueckmani (15)Extinct Sand shark
Meristodon kolbaensis (0)Extinct Hybodontid shark
Meristodon nugaitensis (5)Extinct Hybodontid shark
Micropristis solomonis (3)Extinct Saw shark
Myliobatus toliapicus (9)Extinct Eagle Ray
Notorynchus kempi (26)Extinct Seven-gill Cow shark
Notorynchus primigenius (4)Extinct Seven-gill Cow shark
Odontaspis dubia (2)Extinct Lamnid shark
Onchosaurus sp. (0)Extinct Saw shark
Otodus aksuaticus (Serrated) (8)Extinct Otodontid shark
Otodus mugodzharicus (Partially Serrated) (6)Extinct Otodontid shark
Otodus obliquus (Non-Serrate) (6)Extinct Otodontid shark
Paraorthacodus nerviensis (4)Extinct Palaeospinacidae shark
Parotodus benedeni (2)Extinct Otodontid shark
Parotodus mangyshlakensis (6)Extinct Otodontid shark
Paratodus pavlovi (0)Extinct Otodontid shark
Physogaleus secundus (3)Extinct Gray shark
Physogaleus spingeri (0)Extinct Gray shark
Polyacrodus torosus (0)Extinct Acrodontid shark
Protoscyliorhinus lamaudi (0)Extinct Cat shark
Pseudoheterodontus polydictios (1)Extinct Horn shark
Ptychodus elevatus (1)Extinct Ptychodontid shark
Ptychotrygon vermiculata (3)Extinct Saw shark
Rhinobatus casieri (0)Extinct Rhinobatidae
Scapanorhynchus rhaphiodon (3)Extinct Goblin shark
Scyliorhinus elongatus (0)Extinct Scyliorhinidae shark
Squalicorax curvatus (2)Extinct Crow shark
Squalicorax kaupi (7)Extinct Crow Shark
Squatina decipiens (0)Extinct Angel shark
Squatina hassei (0)Extinct Angel shark
Squatina havreensis (0)Extinct Angel shark
Squatirhina lonzeensis (0)Extinct Rhinobatoid shark
Striatolamia rossica (11)Extinct Sand Tiger shark
Synechodus lerichei (1)Extinct Palaeospinacidae shark
Trigonotodus tusbairicus (0)Extinct Otodontid shark (early Thresher)
Turania andrusovi (15)Extinct Mitsukurinid shark
Usakias wardi (4)Extinct Otodontid shark
Xiphodolamia ensis (14)Extinct Lamnid shark
Otodus angustidens (4)
Hexanchus & Heptranchias (18)