Jordan Fossil Shark Teeth - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

An icredible selection of fossil shark teeth and marine reptile teeth from phosphate mines around Amman, Jordan. These mines produce Cretaceous marine fossils dating from the Santonian to the Maastrichtian stages (85-70 million years ago). Shark teeth from this location are a creamy butterscotch to dark brown colored and exhibit very good preservation. This is a rare opportunity to collect Jordanian Cretaceous fossil shark teeth and marine reptile teeth (Mosasaur and Plesiosaur). Authenticity guaranteed. Have a look.

*** I am posting the Best of 2007 Jordanian teeth in February 2022. Get them while they last. ***

Scientific name Common Name
Cretolamna maroccana (10) Extinct Mackerel shark
Globidens aegypticus (1) Extinct Marine Reptile
Mosasaurus anceps (1) Extinct Mosasaur
Platecarpus ptychodon (9) Extinct Marine reptile
Plesiosaurus mauritanicus (0) Extinct Plesiosaur
Schizorhiza stromeri (8) Extinct Saw shark
Serratolamna serrata (10) Extinct Mackerel shark
Squalicorax bassanii (10) Extinct Crow shark
Squalicorax kaupi (11) Extinct Crow shark
Jordan Marine Reptiles (11) Cretaceous Marine Reptiles
Stephanodus libycus (10)