France Fossil Shark Teeth - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers excellent and rare fossil shark teeth from two fossil areas with Triassic and Miocene age teeth. The Triassic teeth are rare and were collected in quarries in the Heming and Sarrebourg areas, Lorraine, France. The teeth are from Muschelkalk limestone - middle Triassic age (240 million years old). These teeth are wonderfully preserved - excellent condition. The Miocene teeth were collected in three French quarries in Herault, Pignan, and Loupian, France. They are Loupian stage - lower Miocene age (16 million years old). These teeth are wonderfully preserved - great color and condition. Authenticity guaranteed. Have a look.


Scientific name Common Name
Acrodus gaillardoti (4) Extinct Hybodont shark
Acrodus lateralis (7) Extinct Hybodont shark
Carcharias acutissimus (2) Extinct Sand Tiger shark
Carcharhinus priscus (3) Extinct Requiem shark
Carcharoides catticus (0) Extinct Lamnid shark
Dasyatis cavernosa (0) Extinct Stingray
Ginglymostoma delfortreie (0) Extinct Nurse shark
Hybodus longiconus (5) Extinct Hybodont shark
Hybodus minor (0) Extinct Hybodont shark
Isistius triangulus (5) Extinct Cookiecutter shark
Isogomphodon acuarius (3) Extinct Daggernose shark
Nothosaurus mirabilis (2) Extinct Primitive Reptile
Notorhynchus primigenius (0) Extinct Cow shark
Paleobates angustissimus (8) Extinct Hybodont shark
Polyacrodus polycyphus (0) Extinct Hybodont shark
Rhizoprionodon fisheuri (9) Extinct Sharpnose shark
Saurichthys apicalis (3) Extinct Primitive Lizard Fish
Scyliorhinus distans (4) Extinct Cat shark
Sphyrna arambourgui (0) Extinct Hammerhead shark
Squatina subserrata (0) Extinct Angel shark