Belgium Fossils Shark Teeth - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers incredible Belgium fossils for sale including fossil shark teeth. Many of these shark teeth are from the Egem Clay (clay of Egemkapel), Egem, W. Vlaanderen, Belgium.  These teeth are extremely well preserved and have excellent color. All teeth are early Eocene age (Ypresian - 53 mya). These are some of the finest Egem site teeth to be found. Many rare species included! Click on Scientific Names to go to the Belgium shark teeth catalogs. Have a look.

Scientific nameCommon Name
Abdounia beaugei (2)Extinct Gray shark
Abdounia minitissima (2)Extinct Gray shark
Abdounia recticona (2)Extinct Gray shark
Carcharias atlasi (5)Extinct Sand tiger shark
Carcharias teretidens (6)

Extinct Sand Tiger shark

Carcharoides catticus (1)

Extinct Lamnid shark

Galeocerdo ypresiensis (2)

Extinct Tope shark

Heterodontus vincenti (4)Extinct Horn shark
Hexanchus gigas (1)Six-gilled Cow shark
Hypotodus robustus (0)Extinct Odontaspid shark - SOLD OUT
Hypotodus verticalis (0)Extinct Odontaspis shark - SOLD OUT
Isurolamna inflata (0)Extinct Lamnid shark - SOLD OUT
Isurus desori (0)Extinct Early Mako shark
Isurus hastalis (0)Extinct Big-tooth Mako shark - SOLD OUT
Isurus retroflexus (2)Longfin Mako mshark
Nebrius thielensis (3)Extinct Nurse shark
Notorhynchus primigenius (22)Seven-Gill Cow shark
Odontaspis winkleri (6)Extinct Odontaspis shark
Otodus obliquus (1)Extinct Mackerel shark
Otodus subserratus (0)Extinct Mackerel shark (serrated) - SOLD OUT
Pachygaleus lefevei (5)Extinct Houndshark
Palaeorhincodon wardi (0)Extinct Whale shark
Physogaleus secundus (4)Extinct Groundshark
Premontreia degremonti (1)Extinct Catshark
Rhincodon typus (0)Whale shark - SOLD OUT
Scoliodon sp. (4)Extinct Spadenose shark
Scyliorhinus gilberti (2)Extinct Catshark
Scyliorhinus pattersoni (0)Extinct Catshark
Serratolamna lerichei (0)Extinct Mackerel shark
Somniosus microcephalus (2)Greenland shark
Squalus smithi (5)Extinct Dogshark
Squatina prima (0)Extinct Angel shark
Striatolamia macrota (7)Extinct Sand Tiger shark
Synodontaspis hopei (0)Extinct Odontaspis shark - SOLD OUT
Xiphodolamia eocaena (1)Extinct Lamnid shark