Spinosaurus Teeth & Fossils - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers Spinosaurus aegyptiacus teeth for sale. Spinosaurus, meaning "spine lizard", is characterized by the extra large "sail-like" spines on their back that were up to 5 feet tall. Researchers do not know why the Spinosarus had the large sail on its back - possibly for cooling, possibly for swimming, etc. The Spinosaurus was actually larger than the more famous Tyrannosaurus rex and reached lengths up to 50 feet and a weight of up to 20 tons. Spinosaurus roamed the swampy low lands and shore lines and were know to be at least semi-aquatic. They most likely feed on large fish, reptiles, and other dinosaurs. Spinosaurus lived at the same time as Carcharodontosaurus ("African T. rex"), another large Cretaceous predator. 

There were possibly two Spinosaurs living in Kem Kem Region of Morocco during the early late Cretaceous Period (Albian to upper Turonian; 112 to 93 MYA). The originally described Spinosaurus aegyptiacus appears to be the most abundant species and may well be the only species present according to some researchers. These top quality Spinosaurus tooth specimens are from the Kem Kem Region of Morocco. Fossil remains include well preserved teeth, bone, and claws. Early Late Cretaceous age (approx. 100 MYA). Authenticity guaranteed.

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