Carcharodontosaurus Teeth & Fossils (African T-Rex) - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

Buried Treasure Fossils offers Carcharodontosaurus teeth for sale. Carcharodontosaurus saharicus is a genus of carnivorous Carcharodontosaurid dinosaurs from the mid-Cretaceous period. This dinosaur grew to similar length (40') and weight of the T. rex. It also possessed large serrated teeth. Thus, it is often referred to as the "African T. rex", but this Tyrannosaurus rex-like ancestor died off prior to T. rex's appearance. It filled the role of the apex predator of its time with serrated tooth crowns exceeding 4". Carcharodontosaurus lived at the same time as Spinosaurus, another large Cretaceous predator. These gorgeous specimens are from red beds, Kem Kem Basin, Morocco. Fossil remains include well preserved teeth, bone, and claws. Middle Cretaceous age (Cenomanian stage, 96 MYA). Authenticity guaranteed.

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