Canada Fossil Shark Teeth - Shark Tooth Listing By Species

The Northumberland Formation exposed on Hornby Island, British Columbia contains one of the best known assemblages of Late Cretaceous deep water sharks in the world. The deposit is Late Campanian in age (about 74 million years old). There are 30 species of sharks identified and 17 species were newly named in a 2019 paper. (“A Shark Fauna from the Campanian of Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada:  an insight into the diversity of Cretaceous deep-water assemblages” by Cappetta, Morrison and Adnet)  These deep water species belong to the Chlamydoselachiformes, Hexanchiformes, Squaliformes, and Echinorhiniformes. They include the rare and highly sought after Chlamydoselachus or Frill shark teeth.

An incredible location to build your rare shark tooth collection. Most likely once in a life time!

Scientific nameCommon Name