Squalodon sp. - Lee Creek                

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A Top Quality Squalodon sp. tooth, Miocene toothed whale, from the Lee Creek mine, Aurora, No. Carolina. This is a partially rooted molar tooth. Excellent preservation and color. It is a Miocene tooth from the Pungo River Fm. An excellent collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. Complete whale teeth are very difficult to find!

LC904      Size: 1-1/8"

Note - Adding 15 new Lee Creek Whale fossils in March 2023.     Link to Lee Creek Whale fossils.   



This catalog contains excellent fossil whale teeth from Physeteridae sp., a Sperm whale and Squalodon sp., another toothed whale. These whale is fairly rare and exceptional specimens are hard to locate. These teeth were found in the Miocene age Pungo River Formation (15 million years old) and Pliocene Yorktown formation. Note - these teeth are all complete or essentially complete. The fragile hollow ends are well preserved. Incredible condition. The best of the BEST!