Sphyrna zygaena (Smooth Hammerhead)

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A rare, GEM Sphyrna zygaena tooth, the Smooth Hammerhead shark, from Sumatra, Indonesia. These teeth were deposited in the Telisa formation - a shallow marine environment during the middle Miocene (approx. 15 million years ago.) A unique collector's tooth. D041 is the top quality tooth. Authenticity guaranteed.

D041        SIZE: 1/2"

Note - 6 new Sumatran Hammerhead shark teeth added in January 2018.       Link to Sumatran teeth.

Sphyrna zygaena, the Smooth Hammerhead, is one of the larger hammerhead sharks, found world-wide in temperate and tropical seas. This species can grow to 16’. Sphyrna zygaena is named "smooth hammerhead" because of the shape of its head, which is flattened and laterally extended into a hammer shape without an indentation in the middle of the front margin (creating a "smooth" appearance). Feeds on fish, other sharks and rays and is known to attack man.

This collection represents a rare and very unusual collection of Miocene fossil shark teeth from the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Few collectors have these teeth and even fewer have had the opportunity to collect this site as I did!