Carcharodon carcharias : So. Africa

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A LARGE, High Quality Great White shark tooth - upper jaw anterior tooth from Western Cape Province, So. Africa. This tooth has a dark blue colored crown, a large distinct brown gum line, and a black root. Great color! High quality enamel with no hydration cracks. Serrations are large with a damaged tip serration. Good preservation - note nutrient hole on root. No repair or restoration. A Large collector's GW tooth for a rare locality. Authenticity guaranteed. 

SA03          Size: 2-1/16"

Note - Adding 7 So. African Great White teeth in August 2020.     Link to South African GW teeth    Link to Great White shark teeth

This catalog contains exceptional teeth from the Great White shark, Carcharodon carchariasThese teeth are noted for their wide triangular crowns which are heavily serrated. These teeth are fairly rare and very showy, making them an excellent addition to your Great White shark tooth collection. Please note that these C. carcharias teeth are exceptionally preserved with great color. All teeth are museum to near museum quality teeth. No restoration or repair!

New offering. This great group of So. African Great White teeth and may be the best group you will ever see. The top quality So. African Great White teeth are impossible to locate! I am still selling these at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent modern Great White shark tooth!

Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.